Zindagi Wins 2nd Episode 28th February 2015, Dr. Aaliya panics during her first surgery, Bindass TV – Written Update


Zindagi Wins new show on Bindass TV

The story starts with Aaliya waking up to find her boyfriend Mak’s arrival at her home. She gets surprised to see him there and he thinks she didn’t got sleep as she got the intuition of him coming to see her. He shows off his T-shirt which shows Aaliya’s photo with the message Mak loves Aaliya and presents another T-shirt for her with his photo with the message Aaliya loves Mak. He wants to show concern and speaks of coming there even after having troubles at the airport. Aaliya’s friend Sarika comes there and asks her whether she has has told him about something. Mak speaks to Sarika on having got muscles and cuddles Aaliya a bit and suggests he misses her a lot. He is not leaving though the girls are trying to send him away. Sarika wonders why Aaliya is not able to have a break-up with him though she wants. She calls Mak a loser and leaves from Aaliya’s home. At the hospital, Dr. Ishaan srinivas meets a patient Avinash who was much worried so makes him calm. Avinash speaks of taking his best friend Rohit to coma and feels guilty about it. Ishaan pacifies him and suggests everything will be fine. He takes Avinash inside the room and the flashback shows Avinash driving a bike with Rohit as the pillon rider and going very rashly on a busy highway. They meet with an accident by coming in between a truck and car. The story comes back to present with Avinash telling Rohit to wake up from his coma in teary voice and speaks of wanting to play video games and apologizes to him dearly.

Aaliya comes to the hospital and is seen talking with an old patient trying to impress him to take medicines but the old man takes his wife’s side eventually. Dr. Sinha sees her and is impressed with her method and learns that Aaliya listens to her heart. He speaks that she reminds him of Dr. Bedi who is also like her. Soon, she learns that Dr. Malvika is the daughter of Dr. Bedi and gets surprised and feels happy and wants to meet Malvika. She is worried with Mak continuous calls on her phone. Meanwhile, Ishaan provides support to Avinash and soon Rohit’s father comes there and starts accusing Avinash for his son’s serious health condition. Malvika comes there and Rohit’s dad informs her of Avinash’s carelessness. Ishaan sends Avinash away by assuring him. He clarifies on how Avinash is also feeling guilty and his life is also impacted. Malvika doesn’t want to hear such words from him. Aaliya at her end informs Sarika of getting many missed calls and messages from Mak and getting irrritated. She finds Ishaan and goes to meet him and clarifies on not eavesdropping on his experiment in bringing Rohit and Avinash closer. He speaks of thinking positive and suggests every problem has a solution and its simple. Soon, she offers friendship and he accepts it. Mak calls Aaliya (Aloo) and speaks of being very angry since she was not accepting the call. She speaks of having much work and soon finds him there at the canteen and gets shocked a bit. Mak speaks of wanting to see her workplace since her life is also his. He greets Ishaan in fun way with a high five and learns Ishaan being a psychologist. Ishaan speaks of trying to help Aaliya and Mak becomes much emotional towards her. She excuses from there by giving the reason of meeting Dr. Sinha and Mak speaks of missing her.


Ishaan also leaves from there before Aaliya and goes to see Rohit and finds his father thanking him since Rohit’s condition getting improved. Ishaan suggests that Avinash’s presence there might even help. Just then, Rohit starts vomitting blood and Avinash gets shocked. Malvika goes to meet Dr. Sinha and gets the permission of surgery for lung abscess which requires urgent intervention. He tells her to take Dr. Aaliya for assistance purpose and wishes them the best. Aaliya feels bit nervous before the surgery and does prayers. Mak runs towards Ishaan and asks about Aaliya. He learns that Aaliya is taking part in a surgery and then asks Ishaan what does he think about Aaliya and her looks? Ishaan doesn’t understand while Mak thinks he is asking a simple question. Ishaan replies that Mak is very lucky guy and calls Aaliya a great girl who doesn’t let her energy to drop down, different in good way, likeable, not taking much stress. After hearing such words, Mak leaves by showing some urgency. Rohit’s surgery is going to start with malvika and Aaliya in the operation theatre. With some nervousness, Aaliya speaks of the medical settings and Malvika begins the surgery. Soon, Aaliya finds Rohit having breathing problems and informs Malvika with some worry. Malvika tells her to relax and soon completes the surgery. Aaliya continues to remain bit tensed after the surgery. Later, she compliments malvika on her presence of mind and promptness. Malvika replies and informs Aaliya on not having the same presence of mind during the surgery and even panicked. She asks Aaliya about her concentration being missing.

Aaliya changes the topic and speaks to Malvika on knowing that she is the daughter of Dr. Bedi. Malvika replies she is not like him as she is better and asks Aaliya to go and check her patients. Aaliya feels upset with her since she panicked during the surgery and finds Ishaan’s support. He suggests that everyone gets panicked at the start and she leaves. Ishaan comes to meet Rohit after the surgery and supports his father Mr. Dave. Mr. Dave wants to not see Avinash close to his son but Ishaan speaks of life giving second chance to Rohit and it may be the case that due to friendship his life can get much better. Avinash wants to speak to Rohit once so as to apologize. Aaliya steps in and wants Mr. Dave to respect Rohit’s words on forgiving Avinash. Soon, Mr. Dave gets fine with Avinash and shows care and doesn’t blame him anymore. Later, Aaliya congrats Ishaan for bringing two friends together and he suggests that she has brought two friends close [himself and Aaliya] but she pulls his leg on the humour aspect. They both go to his chamber since she wants to talk about Mak. She opens-up about wanting to have a break-up with Mak since 2 months. Ishaan says Mak is fine and Aaliya agrees with him but she speaks of not able to talk about break-up with Mak. She suggests Mak gets much worried with the B of breakup and even she had dealt a psycho at her college so doesn’t want to hurt Mak. Ishaan speaks of knowing what happens after a heartbreak and pain follows naturally and suggests its not easy. She speaks of coming there to seek his help and boasts about him – the great Ishaan Srinivas, M.D. in Psychiatry.

She then suggests he gives lot of wasteful knowledge to people and pulls his leg. He understands she is pulling his leg and asks her to listen to him carefully. She wants to do anything with a fool proof plan. Later, Mak comes to Ishaan’s office for meeting him. He hugs Ishaan and thanks him for realizing about Aaliya. Moreover, he wants to propose to Aaliya the same day. Ishaan gets worried with Mak’s sudden plan. Mak goes to meet Aaliya with his intentions to propose to her and brings a teddy bear gift for her. She recollects Ishaan’s words that she should make Mak feel special when he becomes comfortable and should say the following lines while holding his hands – As a genuine friend, she wants to say something to him. Mak gets excited on hearing that line and speaks of wanting to not have dating anymore. Aaliya thinks that Mak is going to have break-up with her all by himself so her work got less. Sooner then, Ishaan comes there and asks Mak indirectly to stop about his proposal. Mak asks Ishaan why he is stopping him and suggests whether it is reverse psychology and informs him that is the right time since Aaliya wants the same. Aaliya senses something amiss and asks Ishaan whether he is hiding something. She asks him whether Mak going to propose to her and Mak comes and wants to listen to their conversation.

Mak goes down on his kneels and proposes to her for marriage in hurry. He thinks she said yes and then no. Ishaan tries to suggest that Aaliya likes someone else but she herself shows signs of not knowing who is that person. Mak blames Ishaan as Aaliya is drifting apart from him. Soon, Sarika marks her entry there and Aaliya speaks of loving her and Sarika replies of loving her too. Mak gets a shock and asks Aaliya on how such a thing and feels on not having words to speak and asks Aaliya whether she is sure. Aaliya speaks of being sure and Mak is asking himself why he took so much time to understand about her. Mak gets fooled by Aaliya but he is oblivious and thinks its better to know now than after marriage. He runs from there and Ishaan, Aaliya and Sarika have a good laugh. Aaliya speaks of the problem being solved now and Sarika tries to open-up and informs Ishaan on only liking boys with some oomph. She tries to flirt with Ishaan more and drops him at the door. Sarika thinks Ishaan is hot and cute and wants Aaliya’s help in her setting with him. Aaliya wants Sarika to find someone at her call centre dept. Sarika pulls Aaliya’s leg that if she doesn’t get anyone then she will have Aaliya as the last resort. Meanwhile, Malvika at her home  looks at her photos with Ishaan and holds her emotions reminscing past memories.

Additional Note:
* Mak is played by actor Vicky Arora
– Vicky was born in Delhi but brought up in Mumbai and graduated with Bachelor of Commerce. Gave almost a thousand auditions for ad films and TV but never appeared for a single commercial.
– In April 2013, Vicky Arora got a break in Zee’s show Rab Se Sona Ishq in the role of Mohit – the cupid.
– Known for the role of Karan Basu in Ek Hasina Thi on Star Plus. [2014]; Recently worked in Bindass’ Love by Chance episode 23 aired on 1st November 2014 in the role of Babul.
– Vicky’s Twitter page, facebook page.
– Follow the tag Vicky Arora actor to read articles written on him [Bindass’ Love by Chance]
– Vicky Arora’s Audition Video: March 2014
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/Fm1OGpAqJUQ]

Episode Video:
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/UazQDybzP1k]



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