Holi’s purity clears out Soumya’s immorality in Suhani Si…



The Holi function is next in the show. After Sharad tells Suhani about Soumya’s inclination towards Yuvraaj, Suhani tries to find out the feelings of Yuvraaj, whether he too still loves Soumya. The Holi function gets grand at Birla House, and Suhani’s family joins them. Yuvraaj and Suhani get close in the celebrations. Rags and Dadi make a plan to fool Suhani and make her doubt more firm about Yuvraaj’s liking for Soumya. But the Bhaang effect works wonders and Yuvraaj dances in high spirits with Suhani, also admitting to her that she means a lot to him. Suhani gets cleared of her doubt on Yuvraaj’s feelings for her, and how much he values their marriage.

Soumya greets Suhani happy holi and applies her colors. Suhani keeps an eye on her, as directed by Sharad. Soumya’s tries to get near Yuvraaj fails, even when she gets support from Dadi and Rags. The dirty minded trio fails and Suhani’s simplicity and true love wins again. Rags stays away from colors and limits Saurabh from coloring her face, while Menka continues in her silly ways. Suhani and Yuvraaj enjoy the most and Soumya angrily eyes their romance. Soumya’s annoyance goes after she gets a letter. She smiles thinking Yuvraaj sent her the letter, and he called her on terrace to meet her alone. She thinks he is dancing along with Suhani just for showing fake love, and he really loves her. But Soumya does not know about the letter sender, its someone else and not Yuvraaj. Will Suhani bring back Krishna in Soumya’s life to send her off? Keep reading.


  1. This soumya thing has gone on for far tooooo long I used to love the sseries but its starting to get boring. I wish yuvraj tells suhani he loves her n get ridd of soumya

  2. Why are they dragging too much? I have stopped watching all star soaps because of too much dragging the storyline making it bored. Btw, I’m from UK. I prefer to watch Eastender and Corrie british soaps over Indian. All I see in Indian drama is overacting, too much dragging, conspiracy and shouting lol. In this one they are showing stupidity of Dadi who hasn’t got sense of love Who can’t see love for Suhani in Yuvi’s eyes. She makes me think do really old woman in India like her?


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