Shagun’s plan sinks; Romi gets back in limelight in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



After Shagun puts all the blame on Ishita for not finding about Nikhil’s background and risking Rinki’s life, Romi comes forward and tells everyone about Shagun and Amrita’s link, as he had seen Puri taking Amrita with him. Mihika also tells them about Shagun’s plan to bring Amrita at the time of wedding rounds to create maximum havoc. Mrs. Bhalla slaps Shagun for making a big mess of the marriage, and is worried for Rinki. Nikhil is thrown out by Raman and Romi. Mihir comes forward to save Rinki’s respect on Ishita’s suggestion for their marriage.

The families bless Mihir and Rinki, and an estranged Shagun feels super humiliated when everyone show her the door. Shagun takes along Adi to create an impact on Bhalla’s emotional core. Raman files case for getting Adi’s custody, and tells Shagun that she will be all alone one day if she does not change for good. Romi gets forgiven by Bhalla family and his medical state comes in picture. Raman feels Sarika is best for Romi, as she is bearing his child and loves him truly from her heart. Ishita disagrees as she is concerned for Sarika, thinking Romi is not ready for marriage. There will be custody case drama ahead in the show with Shagun’s teary drama and show heading towards Romi’s track for a while. What will Shagun do next, when she is always actively working to ruin Ishita’s life? Keep reading.




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