Rajat gets uncertain over Anu and Veer’s friendship in Shastri Sisters


rajat anu

Astha’s attempts to insult Alka and Rohan fail, as Anu returns her purse and also confronts her about the chits she has sent her. Minty manages to save her name from the story, and puts all blame on Astha. Astha feels humiliated by Anu and leaves Shastri house in anger. Sareen lightens the situation and asks them to get ready as he plans a dinner together. Veer comes there and the dinner plan gets cancelled. Veer says Anu has invited him for dinner, and Anu denies it, thinking who is it doing this. Minty cleverly brings Veer and Anu together in Rajat’s eyes, while Rajat does not care much knowing they are good friends. Minty says she found a girl for Veer and asks Anu to pass the message to Veer to meet the girl at the restaurant. Anu messages Veer and he agrees to give his life a new start.


Minty shows her message to Rajat saying a wrong story. Minty starts digging up Rajat and Anu’s relation by using innocent Veer. Anu promises Rajat about lunch, and Minty makes her busy in work and sends her off to market, stating she is not well. Minty then tells Rajat that Anu has gone for lunch date with Veer and fills poison in his mind. Rajat comes home and does not find Anu, and falls in Minty’s words. He gets raged and decides to confront Anu and Veer. Minty stops him thinking the right time has to come for some mega shock that breaks Rajat and Anu’s marriage in one stroke. Will Rajat find out Minty’s evil intentions? Keep reading.



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