IshRa’s Romance to poise Shagun’s foiled plans in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman gets a big surprise when Shagun deals Adi’s custody to him. He in turn asks her what’s her selfish motive in this deal, and she tauntingly asks for 4 lakhs per month, as the out of court settlement amount from him. She questions on his capabilities and how will he balance his home and this amount every month with his fixed salary. Raman has to think over and he agrees to her, just to get Adi’s custody knowing what Adi means to Mrs. Bhalla now after Romi’s episode. The family celebrates Mr. Bhalla’s birthday in a grand way and give a surprise to Mr. Bhalla. They all gift him and have the cake cutting ceremony. Ishita’s good news that she can also conceive a child is hidden from elders and her decision to just be a mum to Ruhi and Adi…. This decision can get more worse when Ishita realizes that she has to part ways from Ruhi.

Raman knows Shagun since stone age started, and now he gets fooled by her trick as she makes him sign on the legal docs to hand over Adi’s custody, and he in turn does not realize to read the full text and gives over Ruhi’s custody consent to her. Shagun wants to hit on Ishita’s weakness – Ruhi, knowing Ishita can break down without Ruhi. Raman informs the family about winning Adi’s custody from Shagun and does not disclose the money matters to them, as he has hidden his job in Ashok’s company too. With too many things hiding from Bhalla family, they are in celebrations’ mode and rejoice to get Adi back. While Adi does not know what Shagun has taken in return from him, this time Adi does not enter Bhalla house to hurt Ishita and genuinely likes all of them. Both families celebrate Holika Dahen and do the puja. They dance and enjoy the function. Raman wants to apply some color to Ishita and she goes away for some work. He gets upset and waits for her. Raman ignites the Holika Dahen. He gets a shocking phone call and Ishita tries to know about it. Raman hides everything from her.

Ishita is glad seeing Raman so happy and the couple has some romantic moments after tension vanishes from their lives, in the Holi function. Ishita has to be ready to get a shock of her life to lose Ruhi, while Raman is also in shock to know what grave mistake he made by Shagun’s bitchy plans. Tune in the show to see more drama as its going to intensify in coming track. Keep reading.


  1. This is so unrealistic. Why are the documents not checked by the lawyer before Raman signs? It contradicts his character since he already mentioned that Shagun will do something. Raman should catch her trap before he signs it that is what storyline should be. I mean how long are the writers trying to prove that dumb Shagun who was begging Ashok not to leave her would be smart to fool Raman by her cheap trick. In fact, Shagun should get into legal trouble by messing around with the documents made by the lawyer. The writers have been proving Raman and Ishita to be loosing against Shagun’s idiotic behaviour for too long now, please change the story to may be get someone in Shagun’s life.

    I don’t know how she has the money to wear the designer stuff and bribe people when she can’t pay credit card bills or any bills. Doesn’t make sense. So she forgets taking revenge on Ashok who betrayed her but is after ruining Ishra’s life for what reason??? Doesn’t make sense.

  2. Hey when somw deals are going on the lawyer should read it if not he not a would be good if laywer informs raman about it and removes the paper related to ruhi custody making shagun uninformed keeping it hidden And so the next moment without knowing she handover adi.the a lady like shagun ideas of ruining a family shouldnot be spared really a woman like ishitha is adorable, lovable, caring, justjustable.raman a husband should share his veiws, ideas.

  3. This doesn’t make sense. The courts awarded Ishita full and permanent custody of Ruhi….. So how does Shagun get custody without Ishita’s permission..?

  4. Yes, the writers think that we are fools and we do not know the law, even if Raman signs 100 hundreds paper for Ruhi custody, they will not be valid as he doesnt have Ruhi custody. It is Ishita who has custody and capable of handing over her custodianship to someone else. So please do not treat us like kindergaten kids

  5. Yes its true how can shagun take ruhi without the permission of ishitha ,as the court gave full permisdion of ruhi to ishitha such idiotic continution by writters

    • Yes it’s right when ishita have custody of ruhi how. Can raman on signing give ruhi to shagun dear director don’t recreat the law and poison the rules show a serial not to break the rules.let every be aware of rules and regulations of law.


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