Suhani v/s Soumya for ‘Yuvraaj’ in Suhani Si….



Sharad asks Suhani not to trust Soumya so soon, after she tried to kill her by sending her to swamp area in the jungle, while Suhani just remembers how Soumya saved her life. Sharad asks Suhani to give him another chance to bring out Soumya’s truth, and he succeeds by exposing her true face in the Holi function. Dadi plans some more evil doings and asks Soumya to execute it. She makes Soumya throw away all the colors Suhani bought for the Holi function. Soumya does so and Suhani panics seeing no colors for Holi. Yuvraaj supports her and they together make natural colors out of flowers, which impresses everyone. Suhani’s smartness goes well with Yuvraaj too and he starts admiring her.

Dadi then suggests Soumya to ruin the Holika Dahen ceremony by making the woods wet. Soumya obeys her and Suhani again manages to keep the ceremony on by seeking family’s help. Soumya’s plans fail one by one, but she stays mistaken that Yuvraaj loves her, and takes his gestures wrong. Suhani notices Soumya stooping for Yuvraaj, and Sharad asks her to wait till he exposes Soumya infront of Yuvraaj and Birla Family. Dadi does not know that Sharad and Pratima are working in Suhani’s favor and thinks she is the most wisest person of the family. Suhani and Sharad catch Soumya on the terrace, where she gets mistaken about Yuvraaj and speaks out everything. Soumya gets confronted by Suhani, and seeks Dadi’s help. Dadi decides to tell Suhani about Yuvraaj’s love for Soumya and his compromised marriage because of Pankaj’s blackmail. Will Suhani be able to bear this bitter truth? Will Yuvraaj be able to handle his relation with Suhani? Keep reading.


  1. i like suhani she so naive she should also know about betral friend but i am happy that yuvraj is on suhani side but souma always plays cheap games eventhough yuvraj said her to go away from the house i hope suhani soon win yuvraj heart i like them both they re so cute couple


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