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Zindagi Wins new show on Bindass TV

Dr. Ishaan comes to the hospital and finds a box with photo frames of his past relationship with Dr. Malvika. Aaliya hears a man asking about Malvika Seth and she is surprised since she thought Malvika is Dr. Bedi’s daughter. Ishaan comes to Malvika’s room and asks what she wants to prove by sending back his gifts. She replies that they don’t have relationship and to start fresh they need to move on and also from those emotions. Moreover, what to do with those memories and suggests that best friend of memories is loneliness. She doesnt’t entertain him and he then leaves. Aaliya tries to ask Mariyam more about Dr. Malvika and speaks of an unsolved mystery and asks why Dr. Malvika uses the surname Seth though she is the daughter of Dr. Bedi. Mariyam thinks why they should bother if it is Seth or bedi but sticks to her point of wanting to know the answer and she wants to know even though it is personal.

Soon, Aaliya learns about a lady patient having abdomen pain and a young doctor informs him the same. He then goes on recite a poem and indirectly flirts with her asking whether she is free. At Malvika’s end, she is seen giving some info to new doctors and Aaliya meets Malvika and introduces her as Malvika Bedi. Malvika asks Aaliya on the time of her stay at Life Beat Hospital. Aaliya replies 2 weeks some hours and tries to put reasoning on Aaliya’s surname since she is daughter of Dr. Bedi. Malvika tells Aaliya to keep her curiosity at home. Ishaan thinks of Malvika’s words of loneliness being the best friend of memories and how she told him upfront to move on. Ishaan speaks to Aaliya of having a phobia – fear of crowds and thus remaining alone and far from people. Aaliya thinks he has many problems [acrophobia – fear of heights] though he is a psychologist. He asks about her life without Mak. She speaks on being free after Mak left. She then asks him on going to dinner. He speaks on not having mood but she still insists and wants to take him to continental restaurant. She then asks about Dr. Malvika scene and he gets much surprised. She suggests that even Mariyam knows about it. Soon, he learns about Aaliya actually speaking about Dr. Malvika’s surname – Seth.


He suggests it is Dr. Malvika’s personal problem and soon she hits at the box which had Ishaan-Malvika’s photos and past memories. Aaliya tries to pick the things and suggests that Malvika cannot have a boyfriend or a relationship given her personality. She then picks up the photo frame with Ishaan and Malvika’s  pose and feels bit amiss and wants to leave. She then asks Ishaan whether his surname is Seth and leaves. Aaliya is being called as an emergency accident case arrives there. A man brought the child who met with an accident and he brought him there following the duty of a samaritan. Aaliya comes to see the patient and the young boy speaks Johnny and recollects spending time alone with a toy – Johnny. Aaliya thinks the boy is going through trauma post accident. Aaliya goes to meet Malvika and informs of a boy who met with a car accident. She wants Malvika to look at the boy and see his case. She wishes Malvika Happy Women’s day and Malvika makes arrangements for Dr. Ishaan in the boy’s ward. Aaliya and Malvika come to see the boy and finds him speaking with Johnny toy and when they take it he shouts at them and gets irritated. Ishaan comes there and pacifies the boy.

Meanwhile, Aaliya some time later informs a lady patient that she got some stones in her gall bladder thus a surgery is needed immediately. Aaliya thinks that only one day is needed but the lady speaks of a single mother and has a 6 year old daughter. Soon, Aaliya finds another patient Nishant brought in and the patient’s father speaking of Malvika doing surgery and he thinks she didn’t do a good job. Aaliya reminds him that the age doesn’t affect much and though Malvika is young but she is good at what she does. Aaliya learns the boy’s parents are on the way. Ishaan speaks with boy Aarav and learns that he is only friend with Johnny and doesn’t have any other friend. Ishaan introduces himself as Aaliya’s friend and Aarav speaks that no one loves at his home. Aaliya comes and calls Ishaan as Aarav’s parents are there at the hospital. Aaliya informs the accident injuries are small and ishaan speaks of Aarav’s emotional attachment with the toy – Johnny. Aaliya learns that Aarav’s behavior got changed after he learnt that his mom is pregnant and became lonely after getting that news. It has been few months since his mom got pregnant. Ishaan suggests that Aarav feels insecure and only love is the solution and it should take some time. Ishaan thinks that once Aarav realize that his parents love him equally then he would be fine. Malvika at her end does the surgery of the patient Nishant who was brought in there earlier and his father compliments Malvika and gives her the blessing and reminds her of Aaliya’s words that young age doesn’t necessarily means not good at something. Later, Malvika compliments Aaliya for handling the situation well.

Aarav’s parents come to see him and she speaks who will take care of the little baby and his father also show encouragement by calling him as the best friend. He suggests that his parents love the baby and are not with him. His father speaks of buying a bat and Aarav replies of wanting to have 2 bats one for himself and other for the baby and Aarav’s gets fine. Aaliya speaks of being the only child and Ishaan pulls her legs and she counters him by talking on loneliness and how it makes a person weird and only she can manage or deal with him. Ishaan recollects Aaliya’s words in his office. Aaliya speaks with her friend Sarika who gets much excited after learning that Ishaan has agreed for dinner with Aaliya. Aaliya clarifies there is nothing behind her and Ishaan. Aaliya informs Ishaan via SMS that the date is between friends and asks him to have perfumes and be well-dressed. Aaliya finds the lady who was going to have a surgery for gall bladder leaving since she doesn’t trust the hospital. The lady collapses as her gall bladder gets ruptured. Aaliya goes to inform Malvika about the emergency surgery. Both start the surgery and soon Aaliya finds Malvika going through some attack and her sweat and weakness indicate her condition. Malvika tells Aaliya to finish the operation since she cannot continue longer as she had a pull. Malvika stands at some distance while Aaliya completes the surgery successfully.

The lady starts recovering and her daughter Tia comes to see her. Aaliya speaks to Tia and showers care. She speaks to the lady and reminds about her earlier worry and she replies of getting much stressed with Tia since she is a mother. Aaliya calls her daughter as cute and asks her to take care of herself and leaves. The young male doctor who was earlier reciting poem to Aaliya to ask her for dinner comes to flirt with her again and again asks her for dinner but she replies next time and he accepts it. Aaliya is at her home preparing to go for dinner cum friendship date with Ishaan and Sarika gives suggestions to her. Sarika speaks of being also single and wants to have Ishaan’s number if Aaliya is not interested. Malvika comes with her friend Reeva to a restaurant and speaks of the need to have closure in her personal life with Ishaan. She informs Reeva on moving on from Ishaan and nothing is left. Ishaan and Aaliya are also seen at the same restaurant. Aaliya eats mushrooms and Ishaan speaks that Malvika liking of mushrooms. She asks him about his breakup and how it happened since they have all ingreidents of a perfect couple. He gets shocked again while Aaliya starts making some guesses. He excuses himself to go to the restroom and Malvika finds Aaliya eating there. Malvika speaks to Reeva about Aaliya and how much she speaks. Reeva find Ishaan to be the date of Aaliya and informs Malvika who before seeing him speaks of feeling pity for the guy. Once she looks at Ishaan, she gets shocked and starts to ponder.

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