Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 92 starring Rashi Mal,Dishank Arora & Rishi Dev, 8th March 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 92 Starring Rashi Mal and Dishank Arora

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks of today’s story is of Amay and Ashima and both their lives were an open book but she doesn’t know one chapter of his life. The story starts with Ashima recollecting the memories of Amay who has passed away. She begins to cry and also contemplates to cut her wrist in the bath tub and cries more after recollecting nice moments. She remembers his sentence asking her to search him in his heart but she was angry with him at that time. There are some moments and he had told her to read his mails when he is not around her and when she feels defeated and when she feels to on wanting to leave all the things. Rithvik (the host) speaks that Amay has a heart ailment and thus couldn’t live more. He was scared to tell about his illness to her and wonders what will happen to Ashima after his death. Thus, he made a grand plan for her happiness.

Ashima reads that mail which he has written earlier and asks her to not give answers and tells her to look for a patient at her hospital where she works. She goes there to find Vishaka Varma and her son Vikas. In the mail, Amay told her to not speak to Vikas about him. Vikas is taking care of his mom Vishaka Varma who is getting treatment there. She informs Vikas on coming there to collect Amay’s letter and gets it. She reads it and learns that she has crossed the first step. Amay speaks in that letter that its not easy to see someone going away from life. He asks her to take care of Vishaka Varma who has very small chances of survival. He wants a promise from her and assures that she will get all the answers which she is seeking. Rithvik (the host) speaks that the Amay is the love hero and even after his death love still remain in his heart.

Ashima reads Amay’s letter that she will be happy and will not accept defeat and if needed she will love another time [Tu Hai Ke Nahi.. Mujhke Ko Hi Aaj Mujhse Hi Miladey…Tu Hai to Nahi song plays]. She recollects sharing some nice moments with him in the kitchen and feels he is very close to her and their flashback moments are shown of both playing in garden with water pipe. Time passes by and she meets Vikas at the hospital’s canteen. She asks Vikas on how does he know about Amay. Vikas shares the experience of meeting Amay at the canteen and both argue on spinach salad. Amay offers his friendship and also the spinach salad. Vikas come back to present and informs Ashima that his mom has leukamia (blood cancer) and he lives in present since he cannot do much. He further add  on not able to change the past and is taking care of his mom at the hospital. Ashima who is a doctor there finds Vikas showering care to his mom and recollects some nice moments with Amay. [Tu jo mera Hamdard Hain… Ab Door Tujhse jaana nahin song plays]

Vikas finds Ashima in the ward and she speaks of waiting for him until he spends time with his mom. Later, Ashima starts checking Vikas’s mom and he shares an eyelock after touching her hair. She leaves from there soon after. He finds Ashima outside the ward and wants to help her in holding files but she declines. The files fell down repeatedly and she gives him angry look and soon he comes forward to help her and both share an eyelock once again. [Awaara Awaara..Dil Awaara Hua.. Paas Aaya Tere.. Phir Tere Liye Majboor kiya song plays]. Some of the nurses are seeing how they are coming close and one of the nurses makes a taunt on Dr. Ashima and suggests her love with Amay wasn’t true. Rithvik (the host) speaks that Ashima got smile on her face after long time. She was happy in Vikas’s company but she has a fear of not only losing her first love but also need to fight he society as well. Thus, the question is whether she is going to face the society or how about falling in love another time [Tu Hai Ke Nahi… song plays]. She reminisces Amay speaking of new hero will come in her life when one picture ends. At that time, she wanted a promise that she will die before him. She reads the letter from Amay and he asks her to let the pages turn [Roy movie… tune plays].

Later, she comes to the hospital and finds Vikas’s mom Vishaka having severe breathing problems and tries to revive her breath. Vikas comes there and she shouts at him for not caring well of his mom. She informs that he only knows philosophical lines and can understand the value of life when someone leaves. He speaks of going out to get soup but his mom didn’t had the patience. She apologizes to him for getting emotional. He thanks her for saving his mom’s life. Vikas’s mom speaks with much difficulty that if he marries then he should marry someone like Ashima. Both again share an eyelock and she leaves with some excuse while he carries a smile on his face. He looks at her more and starts to develop feelings. Soon, he informs Ashima on having an emergency and she runs to attend it. She finds there is no emergency in the ward and shouts at him. He speaks of not having other option and asks her to find time for herself and suggests her to eat first. He makes her eat the food and she gets reminded of Amay and finds similarities in Amay and Vikas’s words which are same. She comes close to Vikas and is about to kiss but stops short in doing it after recollecting Amay’s voice [Tu Hai Ke Nahi.. song plays].

Vikas holds her hand and speaks of loving her – I love you message but she begins to cry. He apologizes to her for speaking those words and haven’t thought she will become much emotional. She speaks that its her fault and have given a deceit to Amay and his memories. Vikas then learns that Amay is dead and tells him that Amay died a month back. He gets shocked to hear that news and she thinks it is his silly game. He clarifies on not knowing about Amay’s death and knew that Amay was going far. Moreover, Amay has introduced her as his family friend. Vikas speaks that if he knew that Amay and Ashima’s were in so much love then he would have not loved her. Ashima cries and leave from there. Ritvik speaks that Amay has planned it with finer details and attention  and it is clear that Amay used to love Ashima madly. Rithvik (the host) asks whether Amay was doing right. Amay was the one who was uniting Vikas and Ashima. Whether Amay succeeds in his efforts and it is also true Love never loses.

Ashima opens another letter from Amay and reads that he knows she hates him and requests her to trust him once more to complete his story. He speaks of developing the plot and there were three characters – himself, Vikas and Ashima and have done good amount of research. He reminds Ashima on how Vikas has helped a lady who has lost her husband. He couldn’t do anything but Vikas managed to calm that lady in her distress time. Vikas spoke to the lady on seeing her husband in much turbulent times and if she cries then she will give more pain to him. He asks the lady to smile for her husband and Amay at that moment got assurance about Vikas. Moreover, he has seen love for her in Vikas’s eyes [FB is shown]. In the FB scene, Amay comes to meet Vikas and learns Vikas likes her much. Vikas speaks of liking Ashima’s smile and her good hearted attitude which is like prayers. Amay spoke of helping him and assures Vikas by citing that he is the best friend of Ashima . At Vikas’s ends, he cries and recollects meeting Amay for the last time when he gave letters for Ashima. Ashima cries more at her end and Amay tells her to move ahead and do not cry with past memories and calls himself as her past.

He tells her to live fully and it is his last letter. He shares a couplet that there could be more story but some other time.. She cries more profusely on that note. Meanwhile, Vikas comes to her home and hesitantly rings the bell. She opens the door to find him. He apologizes to her at the onset while she gets some composure. He asks her to accept his apology if she could and reiterates on not knowing she had a boyfriend. She also apologizes to him for getting framed in Amay’s grand plan. Vikas speaks on not having any chance for him and she stops him by asking whether she told something like that. Vikas gets smile after hearing and both smiles to become lovestruck. The emotional love story ends on that happy note. Rithvik speaks that Ashima accepted Vikas’s love which Amay wished for and it has been 8 months after Amay’s death that Ashima has found love again. Rithvik thinks this story is unbelievable and inspiring with Amay standing out as the true lover.

Info on Cast:
* Ashima is portrayed by actress Rashi Mal
– Rashi debuted with the show MTV Rush [By Bejoy Nambiar] and appeared in one of the stories in the series.
– She worked and got appreciation for the role of Gauri Laada in Channel V’s show Paanch -Five Wrongs Makes a Right. Also worked in MTV Webbed 2.
– Recently, Rashi worked in Bindass Love By Chance Episode 19 aired on 4th October 2014 portraying the role of Divya (first one) and in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 Episode 9 aired on 24th October 2014 in the role of Alka.
– Find more bio details (studies, acting) about Rashi on her Facebook page. Rashi’s Twitter page.
– Follow the tag, Rashi Mal actress to read articles written on the episodes where she had worked.
Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya - 24th October - Rashi Mal as Alka

* Amay is portrayed by actor Dishank Arora
– Portrayed the role of Varun Saxena in Star One’s Love Ne Milla Di Jodi [2009-2010].
– Role of Prateek Suraj Pratap Sindhia in Zee TV’s Punar Vivah [2012-2013]; and as Aayush in Star Plus’Sapnon Se BhareNaina [2010-2012].
– Worked in Ek Boond Ishq as Aditya Singh Shekawat and Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se as younger brother of the lead Raghu, portrayed by Arhaan Behl. Moreover, recently worked in the role of Major Rajveer’s brother in Life OK’s Pukaar and Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 Episode 10 telecast on 23rd January 2015. Follow the tag Dishank Arora actor to read articles written on him.
Dishank’s Twitter page</a

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