Shagun blames Ishita for Ruhi’s disappearance in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Ishita and Ruhi are missing. Raman is searching for them anxiously. Shagun and Adi are tensed with Ruhi’s disappearance. The possibility lies that Ishita might have taken Ruhi to some place. Shagun puts pressure on Bhalla family and brings court officials. The court personnel speaks of taking action since it is contempt of court to not handover Ruhi within given time. Adi is coming closer to Ishita and shows concern for her. Shagun puts the charge of Ruhi’s kidnapping on Ishita and this makes Mrs. Bhalla worried. No one knows about Ruhi and Raman defends Ishita.

The question arises about Ishita taking away Ruhi, being fearful of losing her, or is this Shagun’s plan to blame Ishita again. Ishita and Raman have no choice than sending Ruhi to Shagun, and the track will show Ishita making Ruhi strong by showing to adjust with Shagun and her love will always be with her. Ruhi gets shocked when Ishita breaks the news to her about shifting to Shagun, and later on Ruhi agrees just for her family’s sake and to clear all blames from her Ishi Maa. Ruhi plans to do something tricky to fool Shagun big time. The next track will be interesting to see how Shagun loses Adi by her evil games and even Ruhi won’t be in her hands for long. Keep reading.

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  1. Ruhi is legally ishitas as per last court case….judge granted ishita full custody…raman signature mean nothing on that fraud paper. …raman should get new lawyer as this laeyer told raman papers look all good

  2. this lawyer didnt even know shagun changed papers…what is wrong with him…ishita should stand up and say raman signature means nothing as per last court case she was granted full custody of ruhi….

    • Nav: itna tension matlo yaar.. sab theek ho jayegi.. aur yeh lawyer toh director jaise bolta hain waise kar rah hai.. chill.. shortly ruhi would teach shagun a lesson.. then as you told director kuch nayaa samaj mein aayega 😀

  3. Raman has no ;egal custody over Ruhi its Ishita who has full custody on Ruhi, writers should do a little bit of research on legal matters in order to avoid misleading people. The show has lost its credibility.

  4. This is a tepedrama….so plz dont expect rel thingz….i like this show a lot…and i dont find any wrong in this……it shouldnt always be the reality…now if u want reality u must think…..the way ishu and raman fought with each other they wud have never fallen in love in reality…in reality theres no kind and faithful person like ishu and a caring smart yet tough peron like raman…..non is perfect in reap life but in drama.we see perfect people like ishitha and raman…pragya in KKB….and so on…so have some senses people…drama is always drama…u find it nice and creative to watch fantacies likemagic and so on…but this u find lqme…have some senses people…take things easy…in my opinion writers r doing a great job…it shudnt always be ishra moments and ishra moments and ishra moment…..there shud be tension…adventure…suspense…irritation and bod building in a serial….good job yhm team…well done…all the vest….


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