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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Shagun takes away Ruhi by the help of police. Ishita cries for Ruhi and is bent in tears. Ruhi cries and Shagun pulls her away from Ishi Maa. The Bhalla Family breaks down after Ruhi is snatched from them. The moment is like Shagun applying much pressure on Ishita to leave Ruhi, and pulls Ruhi’s hand, while Ruhi holds Ishita. Ishita lets Ruhi go seeing the pain Ruhi is going through in this pull off moment. Ishita says she will do anything to get her daughter back. Raman blames himself for everything as he did not check papers himself and signed on them. Raman pacifies Ishita and scolds Shagun a lot. He threatens to kill her and his family calms him down.

Jamai Raja:

Holi turns romantic and naughty for Sid and Roshni. They both become drama artists and use their fooling skills to apply color to each other. Sid and Roshni’s happy days are back and they are back in love. Sid and Roshni apply color to each other, and then clean it by lemon. She cleans his face by towel and the color gets on his face again. The same happens with Roshni and their cleaned faces get colored again. Sid also acts naughty and starts talking romantic, putting the blame on Roshni to stop loving him, and have some shame as guests are waiting for them downstairs. She beats him and the couple has some sweet moments after much separation pain.

Sasural Simar Ka:

The fake Roli and Roli have confronted each other about Sindoor. While, the fake Roli carries the Sindoor but Roli clarifies that she has taken it from her. Roli then speaks with confidence and informs Nagin that with Mata Rani’s blessings Siddhant will apply the Sindoor on her within 9 days. Roli’s words come true with fake Roli failing in her attempt. The fake Roli throws away the sindoor plate to stop Roli putting it on but Siddhant comes there and applies the sindoor to Roli and showers a hug. The moments bring the new twists and the sindoor filling signifies an important facet of marriage.


Veera has finally succeeded in Baldev’s love. Baldev is madly in love with her once again and he gives her a surprise by making the Pind turn into Goa. He brings her on a surprise date being thankful after what all she did for him. Her sacrifices, patience and love have won his heart again. Veera expresses her view to go Goa, and he fulfills her wish. They both dance romantically on their date and he proposes her again by gifting her a beautiful gown.

Tu Mera Hero:

There is some reason behind why Panchi came back to Titu’s home after getting upset with his laziness but it is going to unravel in the show later. In the track ahead, Titu and Panchi have a unique suhaagraat. Titu tries to remove his sherwani and gets stuck in it. Panchi tries to help him and she also gets inside his Sherwani. The couple has a romantic moment which does not connect their hearts, as Titu does not love her. On Surekha’s insistence, Titu gifts Panchi a necklace as the first gift from his side. Later on, Panchi’s first festival in her inlaws home is Holi and she is keen to fill colors in Titu’s life. Holi initiates a challenge for Panchi to reform Titu, as she discovers Titu stays away from colors being lazy to have bath to clean colors.

Balika Vadhu:

Nimboli helps a friend Pampu after finding her sad since she was beaten by her mom in-law. Nimboli’s actions and caring nature is like Anandi. She gets a plan to save Pampu from her mom-in law and also teach her a lesson. She does some mischief and puts a trap so that Pampu’s mom in-law fall in it with slippery ground into cow dung.

Kumkum Bhagya:

The kidnapping drama continues.. Abhi and Pragya are still held captive in goon’s custody and she cries being in Abhi’s arms and gets comfort while his hands are tied down. Abhi tries to divert her attention in that distress time by his usual nok jhok.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Kabir goes to the jewelry shop to meet Nisha, and Dada ji is present there. Nisha acts smart and asks him why did he come. He signs her to be quiet and takes her aside. He knows Dada ji does not like him and gives excuses that he came to give him tea. He tears the pic paper from the magazine by making the tea fall on Dada ji. Kabir shows the papers to Nisha there. She gets tensed seeing the marriage pic on the magazine paper, with news about the mass marriage event. Dada ji asks whats going on there and Kabir eats the papers being scared. He drinks water over it. Dada ji finds Kabir irritating. Nisha is glad that they succeeded in hiding this, but the time will come when everyone know about this.

Maharana Pratap:

Ajabde wants to give the good news of her pregnancy to Pratap. She gets ready well and wants to convey him her happiness. Pratap smiles seeing her and he does not have focus on anything. He has become Tulsi Das’ student and gives her the news of gaining Diksha from Tulsi Das. Ajabde cooks his favorite food in way to tell him. He eats food and does not give her time to share the good news.

Doli Armanon Ki:

Urmi and Ishaan are again arguing. They both get upset and this plan is laid by his mum Damini. Damini fills his ears and he argues with Urmi. Urmi does not know why is he behaving like this and she also scolds him back. Ishaan is hurt by Urmi’s taunts on his love. Urmi and Ishaan do the Holika Dahen and end all the problems in the fire. Damini gets worried seeing Urmi’s smile.


Nishi was upset to not have her father Neil around during her Pag Pheras ritual, the first ceremony after marriage. At first, Neil comes with Nivedita but soon learns about Suhani not seen at the airport from US. He then discovers Suhani around Ragini’s doorstep and takes her away. Nishi knows about Suhani and has given a promise to Neil on not telling about her to Ragini. Later, Neil comes back again with Dr. Deviika and completes the ritual before its Shubh Mahurat time. This brings smile on Nishi’s face. At some another time, Neil feels pain after seeing Ragini hurt with ankle sprain and showers concerns, and this leads to both of them coming closer with destiny playing its role once again. Neil suggests that her husband should take care of her but she asks him to not bring Dr. Aman there and in every matter. While Neil showed his inherent love for Ragini, however there were some tense moments since Pam spoke about Nivedita and Neil’s engagement date on that same occasion.

Tere Sheher Mein: 

Sneha visits the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) and could not save Hari from getting arrested to be involved in Rishi’s business. Amaya breaks down by her superman’s death news and determines to fight with the bad scenario. She tries taking help from her friends, and no one helps. The Mathurs lose their home as the bank seizes it. The family goes through a sudden transition from happiness to immense pain after Rishi’s death. Rohan breaks his engagement with Rachita. Sneha gets Rishi’s last voicemail where he tells her about a surprise he kept and guides her to get the legal papers of his property/house in his city of birth Banaras. Sneha asks her daughters to accept this change and they have to leave for Banaras soon. Next, Sneha alongwith three daughters reach Banaras and tries to get accustomed to new place where new found relationships, love and friendship are waiting for them. A boy finds Amaya and gets interested in her with positive vibes. The larger question is, How will Amaya accept this drastic change in her life while shouldering support to mom Sneha and sisters Jaz and Rachita ?

Singer Shaan has sung the song of Amaya, her mom and sister’s arrival in Banaras to start their new journey and coming to terms with things there.

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RV has two problems at hand, Chirag’s death by accident due to Ritika, and his own parents Amba and Kailash in police lockup with Baa’s police complaint. With Falguni’s support of Baa admitting in a recording of revenge motive to file police complaint, Amba and Kailash get release. Meanwhile, Ishani doesn’t want to believe RV has killed Chirag while the evidences suggest otherwise. She wants to save him and believes on his innocence and gets teary eyed. Moreover, Ishani is oblivious of Ritika’s role in Chirag’s believed death. What will happen with Ishani as she prepares to go all out to save RV while not aware of truth ?


Gopi finds Ahem at his MV cake shop and misses to see him there as he left for Holi party with daughters Meera & Vidya.  There is Holi Dahen function going on in Modi family and Gopi does good makeup and Shringaar and starts reminscing memories with Ahem. She thinks of meeting him soon and carries happiness but it gets cut short after learning about Ahem and his girlfriend Mansi. She cries and Jigar again comes in the picture to cheer her up  by reminding about her white hairs. Gopi feels betrayal from Ahem and also the seperation with Meera and Vidya troubles her much. Kokila at her end also does the Holi Dahen function at Urmila’s home and misses her son Ahem and hopes to see him.  How Gopi react to see Ahem with Mansi, and her daughters Meera and Vidya getting grown-up with him ?

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Bhabho is super excited with Sandhya’s pregnancy news of giving birth to twins and keeps many wishes with her grand children. She even agrees to stay at Sandhya’s brother Ankur’s home since Sandhya would be much better there and even forego her old traditions of not liking to want her daughter-in law in her Mayka. Bhabho is much glad to accompany Sandhya in her new phase of life with much happiness,  and the question is what’s store in Sandya’s life with her pregnancy with twins ?

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