Laxmi & Samar take their first flight in respective journey driven by fate


DreamGirl new show offering from Life OK

Laxmi, an ambitious & full of life girl from Jodhpur begins her journey in Mumbai with her only dream to become a Superstar and also to act opposite Samar Sareen in his upcoming movie. Samar Sareen is the younger brother of Manav Sareen, a popular director/producer and the one with affluent family in Bollywood. He came back from US after completing his film acting study but nonetheless aspires to become a good actor rather than a Star and keeps believe in simplicity. He tells his elder brother Manav on not wanting to act in a movie for getting stardom but to work where he can display his talent and go into the character with much depth. Thus, he started living in a flat in a middle-class setting to know the life of common people and their intricacies. He disguises himself as Raj Samosewale and also sells Samosas to understand the life of a vendor and what it takes to be that person.


Coming to Laxmi, her role model is actress and star Ayesha Sareen and blindly follows her. She wants to follow her footsteps and keeps expecting positive things on meeting her but that is not going to come true. Ayesha carries stardom and much attitude since she is a star and keeps her fellow employees on their toes with her strict and intolerant nature. If someone makes a mistake, she will compel that person to resign on his/her own. Ayesha also believes that its not easy to become a heroine or star as there is a big price to pay as well. Laxmi is going to know about it but she is ready to pay that price to fulfill her dreams and carries optimism. Moreover, she carries confidence and innocence without knowing what she is saying or thinking, her words are much different than reality or in practice. Let’s now dvelve into Laxmi and Samar’s present life where she has just started her journey and this is their second meetup since they met for the first time during childhood when Samar gave a photoshoot. Laxmi is unware of Samar’s identity and haven’t seen his pics on the Internet and thus believes he is Raj. She informs him on meeting Samar during childhood but it is not clear whether he remembered that outing or understood Laxmi well.

Nevertheless, Laxmi has trust on Raj and both have saved each other once from getting hurt during Ganesh Pandal festivities. There in instant bond and connection between them with Laxmi – full of life girl with big dreams, and on the other hand Samar, very opposite of her as he doesn’t have any qualms in living a simple life. They have sincere eyelocks which characterize good bonding and some hints of crush. All the ingredients are getting ready for the feelings of love to blossom between them. Additionally, they stay together in a shared flat with Bua ji also staying with them. So, from now on Laxmi’s quest starts, she first decides to get her portfolio done but learns it is costly. She thinks in her usual work-around and fix (Jugaadu) style and wants to sell tickets to make money for the portfolio to mark her entry in Navrang studio belonging to Ayesha Sareen. It turns out that Samar is also there selling Samosas and soon their Nok Jhok, fun banter and fights begin and there will be more such instances. She is going to apply more work-arounds – having new rented clothes, trying to give introduction to directors before her meeting with Ayesha and is optimistic in fulfilling her dreams. She would not let Ayesha’s not so encouraging words to hamper her spirit.

How Raj Samosewala aka Samar Sareen navigate Laxmi on her superstar quest ? Where the bonding, trust and fate take them in their respective journey ?  Dreamgirl offers freshness and vibrancy in its plot with romance, glamour and drama as well.

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