Rudra yearns for Maya’s Life recovery… post their marriage with his believe akin to a miracle


Mahakumbh -Rudra and Maya

Maya has reunited Rudra with his mom Ganga and he comes to know of it from Punnu. Rudra met his mom after 24 years and both mom-son duo have an emotional re-union. Rudra has saved Maya from Swami Balivesh’s goons and her treatment is going on at their Kund’s makeshift home. Rudra’s Dadi believes Maya wanted repentance but it is only because of her that Rudra met his mom and thus she wants Maya to be part of their Brahmanisht panth. Moreover, Dadi finds it ironical that the her family destroyed their home via blast 24 years ago but she has reunited the family. Ganga Maa believes Maya will recover soon as the lord’s blessings are with her as she does good. Rudra takes  care of her and even lifts her in his arms and sharing intense eyelocks with smile on their faces. Their eternal love is such that she cannot stay away from each other. Rudra had already lost Maa Mui and Udiya Baa and doesn’t want any danger to her but he isn’t aware of upcoming danger to Maya. Maya during her recovery gets another attack with someone injecting poison in her glucose and soon her health starts deteriorating gradually. Rudra, Ganga Maa, and his Dadi are in anguish to find Maya in such health condition. Soon, they learn from Rudra’s dad Shivanand that poison is present in her body and it is such that she will die gradually over some time.

Rudra is distraught on hearing that and soon Maya also comes to know of her life in danger and she is inching closer to death gradually. She wishes to marry Rudra since she wants to die as a Suhagan [married woman]. Rudra becomes much emotional and agrees to her request of marriage to make her happy. He informs his parents and Dadi about the same. Maya tries to keep positive spirit and has removed the thought of being on a death bed. He starts preparation for the marriage and brings make-up items, Shringaar so as to bring smile on Maya’s face. Thapaddiya Maai becomes emotional but Rudra’s Dadi consolidates her & the family. Soon, Rudra’s marriage with Maya gets underway and he realizes her wish. As Maya was unable to stand due to her weakness and deteriorating health condition, he takes her in his arms for the Saat Pheras [seven circumambulations] marriage ritual. He keeps the believe that Maya would get fine and tries to negate the fear with positive stance.

Thus, Rudra’s marriage with Maya is about to get completed and their eternal love is triumphant whatever may be the next outcome. Earlier, Rudra wanted to protect Amrit while taking care of his family, and this believe is now challenged. Will Rudra’s believe on Maya getting back to life akin to a miracle  and moreover Ganga Maa’s believe that lord will shower blessings on Maya come true ? On another front, whoever has poisoned Maya wanted her slow death keeping in mind about 144th Mahakumbh and Amrit, and the timing associated with it. Who poisoned Maya at her bed in kund’s home ? Keep Reading..

* We congratulate Mahakumbh and its entire team on completing 50 Episodes recently. Kudos to them !!

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