Adi to realize Shagun’s erroneous tricks in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Ishita and Ruhi are back in Bhalla house, after a scene at Ashok-Mihika’s house where Shagun reached by yelling on Iyer sisters. Ishita’s bad health gets her on a wheelchair and she does not have hope to end the court case. She decides to send Ruhi for few days, till the matter gets solved. Shagun and Adi are back again at Bhalla house, like dropping in every hour to take Ruhi. Ishita asks Ruhi to go to stay with Shagun, as its matter of few days. Ruhi says she does not want to go and hugs Ishita. Raman turns his face being helpless to view this scene and not able to do anything. Ishita and entire Bhalla family cries for Ruhi, and fails to save her from Shagun.

Shagun takes Ruhi and is glad that she has hurt Ishita on her weakness and regards this as her biggest victory. Shagun knows Ruhi wants to be with Ishita and it will be difficult to deal with Ruhi now. She knows Adi is strong and she gets tensed that Adi is favoring Ishita more. Adi stays with Bhallas and sees Ishita’s genuine tears for Ruhi. In a way, Ishita gets some support in Adi and Raman is glad that Adi is finally accepting Ishita. Adi feels Shagun has not done right to take revenge from Ishita. Shagun should better watch out as she could lose both her children Ruhi and Adi. Keep reading.

* We wish Divyanka Tripathi [Ishita] a speedy recovery from her injury !!

Divyanka's Speedy recovery


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