Zindagi Wins 5th Episode 21st March 2015, Malvika’s Disappointment – mind overpowers her heart on Bindass TV – Promo


Zindagi Wins new show on Bindass TV

Malvika told Ishaan to move on but instead she feels jealousy to see him around Aaliya, and thus love continues to be alive inside her for him. Additionally, going back to last medical case, once Malvika completed the surgery to save Jai’s life, his girlfriend Kavita thanked her, and spoke about getting a second chance in her relationship thanks to her. On hearing Kavta’s words, Malvika and Ishaan share an eyelock. Coming to Aaliya, she understood that Malvika still loves Ishaan but stays in denial mode and doesn’t want to realize her love. At the Life Beat Hospital, a young woman is brought and she has arrived there after meeting an accident on road, and was hit by a car. She was brought by an Auto rickshaw driver there. Her young son accompanies there, and he is under traumatic state and much worried about his mom. Dr. Aaliya attends the patient and provides first aid and care. Meanwhile, Dr. Malvika comes to know of the patient, and also the accident case. She tells Aaliya that if they couldn’t reach the patient’s relatives then the patient has to be shifted to a government hospital. Aaliya informs Malvika that the patient’s condition is very critical and therefore it is dangerous to think about shifting. Malvika replies that good doctors think by mind and not by heart. Dr. Ishaan overhears some part of this conversation.

Later, Aaliya sends the patient to MRI scan without checking on the health issues. It turns out the patient has migraine and another senior doctor scolds Aaliya by his words that she haven’t prior checked patient’s medical records. He suggests it could have been disastrous for the patient and Aaliya feels on doing wrong. She admits her mistake and gets teary eyed while speaking the same to Ishaan. She wonders why every time such things happen to her. Some time later, Ishaan meets Mariyam and informs that Aaliya can do anything. Malvika gets disappointed with Aaliya and the jealousy angle makes the matters more worse.


Despite having bad time, Aaliya tries to consolidate herself and wants her heart and life to win another time and yearns for patient’s recovery. Will Malvika get over her disappointment and get more aware about her love for Ishaan ? What will be the driving force that steers & guide Aaliya in life’s victory [Zindagi Wins] yet another time ? Stay tuned to Zindagi Wins this Saturday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

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