Ahem and Mansi’s Engagement twists in Saathiya…



Ahem is getting ready for his engagement with Mansi. Gopi does not know the reason why Ahem’s love turned bitter for her. She returns him the Mangalsutra and he gets shocked. Gopi and Jigar come there in his engagement. Mansi gets insecure and wants Gopi to leave. Jigar wants Mansi to leave Ahem, and as Kokila will also come there in some time. Meera misbehaves with Gopi in the party. She also puts water on Ahem’s suit and argues with Jigar. Jigar is regretting that he could not stop Meera. Gopi is annoyed with Ahem as their daughter is totally spoiled. Gopi pulls Meera’s ears infront of everyone in the party and scolds her.

Gopi asks Meera to be in her limits and says she is her mother and will not bear all this misbehavior. Mansi is blackmailing Ahem to marry her, asking him to end her 10 year long wait. Mansi says he has shown to Gopi that she is his everything, and asks him to make the fake relation true for her sake. She asks him to give her Gopi’s place in his life. Gopi does not blame Mansi to fall in love with Ahem knowing anyone would fall for his goodness. Gopi congratulates Mansi and shows she is very strong. Will Ahem’s hatred reason be out to everyone? Keep reading.


  1. Oh come on Gopi, Ahem is not good for you, you can blame another woman but he the one that turned your daughter against you. Leave them and moveon, you do have a child that needs you. I hope that you meet someone else, Gopi needs someone new and better than Ahem


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