Chakor balances her education and valued relations in Udaan


udaan chakor

Chakor attends the school after getting the shoes back thanks to Sheru and spoils Suraj’s bullying plan. She still has to wear good shoes, and is told by her teacher to tie her hair so as to not get bad smell. Next day, she starts getting ready to go to school with clean uniform, nails but soon realizes her hairs are loose. She recollects on how her teacher scolded earlier as she was attending school without hair being tied up. She wonders on how to tie the hairs, and get anxious. Meanwhile, Tejaswini tries to control Baa’s health and plans that she doesn’t recover fully and takes a nurse in her stride.

<Chakor knows the importance of education, and values it much but helping nature is also imbibed in her. Imli goes to haveli to give money again to Bhaiya ji, and hears Tejaswini asking the nurse to stop Baa's life support. She rushes to inform Chakor. Chakor balances her education and also saves Baa's life in nick of the time. Chakor talks for a while to Baa. She does her homework on time and Tejaswini starts troubling her even more. Suraj and his friend Prince trouble Imli further. Chakor does the homework on the class’ black board and gets scolded by the teacher. The teacher says homework is to be done at home. Chakor praises the teacher innocently and wins her heart. Prince’s sister Ragini gets against Chakor.

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