Raman fights to unite Ishita and Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Ruhi does not eat food and misses Ishita. Shagun yells on her after Ruhi throws the food on the floor in anger. Ruhi is restless for her mum and dad. Ishita and Raman are also incomplete without her. They are trying hard to get Ruhi back. Shagun knows Ishita is very attached with Ruhi, and also knows that Ruhi can’t live without Ishita. Ishita sees Raman’s helplessness and cries. Ishita and Raman reach to meet Ruhi at Shagun’s residing place/hotel. Shagun stops Ruhi from meeting them. Raman fights with hotel security guards. There is a mini fight sequence. Raman wins over them and hugs Ruhi.

Shagun wants to make them feel what she would have gone through when they took away her only son Adi from her. Ishita hugs Ruhi and Shagun is glad seeing Ishita’s pain. Shagun is troubled that Ruhi is out of her control, but she is sure she will manage her slowly. Shagun takes away Ruhi and is not worried that Raman can get Ruhi back, as all laws are in her favor. Ruhi says my Ishi Maa will come to take me in 48 hours and has high positive hopes. Ishita challenges Shagun that she will take Ruhi with her back to Bhalla house in 48 hours, and let’s see how she does so.

Shagun gets angry seeing Ishita and Ruhi’s bonding. Shagun asks them to leave else she will call police. Ishita says shut up, Ruhi is not any designer saree to keep her in cupboard, she is my daughter. She scolds Shagun saying she has given birth to two kids, and still does not have any motherly emotions. She says she will not let Ruhi learn drama from her. Shagun asks Ishita not to meet Ruhi again. Bala’s mum comes to meet Ruhi and tries to make her have food. Ruhi bites her fingers and pushes her out. Bala’s mum joins hands with Shagun to play a game against Ishita and Ruhi. How will Ishita take back her angel Ruhi? Keep reading.


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