Bhabho worries of distinct upbringing of Sandhya’s babies in Diya Aur…


bhabho dabh

Bhabho has come to know about Sandhya giving her kidney via Bulbul, when Bulbul told her why can’t Sandhya give her baby to her when she can give an organ to her. Bhabho tells Babasa that she would not like anyone to taunt her by this big favor and if she does not agree to Bulbul, Ankur can also say the same truth to her. She has agreed to give one baby to Ankita, and at the same time, she has started seeing the growing difference between Sandhya’s babies and their future upbringing in Ankur’s home and their home.


Bhabho sees how Bulbul is trying to give the best to her sibling and comparing them to be of low stature. Bhabho comes in competition to give her grandchild better things and Babasa explains her not to make this a race with little immature Bulbul. Bhabho is hurt by Sooraj’s greatness and Sandhya’s sacrifice and is having much pain to get away from her one grandchild. She worries for the different backgrounds, upbringing and status of both babies, which will make them against each other one day. The way Bulbul comes infront of her to see the babies in sonography makes Bhabho realize her worth. Nevertheless, she gives same love to Sandhya and the babies. Will Bhabho’s worry come true? Keep reading.



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