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Meiyang Chang (the host) speaks that love only sees heart and overrides status, religion, caste, etc and moreover true love is above all the small differences. The story is about Radhika and Vikram from Vasai, Mumbai. Radhika wakes up and takes breakfast [Sooraj ki Baahon mein song] and superstar Vikram Kapoor is aslo seen doing his breakfast. Both leave home from their respective places. While, she reaches to an artifacts shop and sells Ganpati idol piece and meets customers who orders 70 such pieces. Soon, she gets surprised to see superstar Vikram Kapoor there. He informs that she has broken the pot once she saw him. Both start talking and she talks about selling handicrafts and articrats in Mumbai but takes them from rural part to the city. He opens-up on his like for painting and came to that artifact shop as he is shooting nearby. The owner of that rural shop to whom Radhika calls Kaka brings Lassi [popular yogurt-based drink from India, Pakistan]. He doesn’t drink while she drinks and he gets laugh to see the Lassi’s mark covering the space above her lips like a white moustache. Both get a laugh on that note and when he offers the lift to drop her, she agrees to him and he also reminds her on being a nice guy.

They continue with their conversation in the car and she asks whether he himself is his biggest fan. He declines and she opens up on liking contemporary and legendary film stars belonging to old era, and talks about Dharmendra and also tells another name Sanjeev Singh. Vikram speaks of shooting with Sanjeev Singh and she gets glad and showers a hug and soon realizes it happened due to her excitement. He drops to her place with a greeting. Next day, Radhika comes to Vikram’s film shooting set and also came there with white flowers for Sanjeev Singh. She gives him those white flowers and he gets glad upon receiving them. He also gives her an autograph as she requested. Later, Radhika calls Vikram in night and thanks him for arranging her meetup with Sanjeev Singh. He asks her to show him her Vasai city in return for his favor. They begin to meet often and spend time together [Anjaane Ho Tum song plays]. Meiyang (the host) speaks that Radhika and Vikram came close and they used to like each other and their eyes became the communication medium. Vikram was coming into Radhika’s life.


Radhika brings Vikram to her shop in Mumbai with Rural India artifacts and handicrafts. She gives him a gift and he speaks of feeling hungry. She takes him to a roadside eatery joint to eat chinese food. They come there and she speaks of the speciality – chinese food and tea to be taken at the same time. He doesn’t want to try as he has a shoot tomorrow but she insists that he can take atleast tea. She orders chinese food for herself while he also tries to evade his fans there. They sit together and she asks him about the place. She insists him to eat the manchurian dish and he eats it and then takes a sip of tea. He compliments the food and tea combo. She pulls his leg that he needs to kiss the eatery’s vendor (kaka) as he liked the food. He gives his approval if she also does the same and soon both of them kiss the vendor Kaka and take a selfie. He then speaks of returning back the favor and wants to take him at his favorite place. She gets much glad to hear his plan. Later, in the night at home she wonders why he is spending so much time with her and she needs to know his reason. At Vikram’s end, his friend Rahul thinks there can be a big problem for Radhika if he continues to meet her. Rahul also manages his publicity and promotional activities.

Later, Vikram comes to Radhika’s home and greets her younger sister Nikita who is an ardent fan of him. The occasion is Radhika’s mom birthday and he presents a gift to her. Nikita speaks of knowing a lot about him, and even talks about his upcoming movies, current film shooting, etc. Soon, Radhika’s friend Astha and Saurabh come there and Vikram gets introduced to them. They then cut the cake and share the happiness. Later, Vikram thanks Radhika outside her home, and speaks of knowing the family and their love after a long time. He opens-up that his mom-dad got divorce when he was 2 yrs old. His father got settled in London while mom in Paris. He now stays with his Bua (Aunt) in India. She first speaks of stars in the sky, and then comes to the point and asks what is he doing with her. He tries to come close so as to tease her but at the same  time gets a call from Rahul who informs that his shooting has been preponed. Thus, they need to leave the same night for shooting. [Ajnabee kahe.. Ab Kya Kahe. Yaara Re song plays] He informs Radhika on returning with a reply for her and she gets glad after sensing feelings of love from his side. Meiyang (the host) speaks where there is no loneliness its not love. He speaks on how memories come handy but it was difficult for Radhika and Vikram to confess their love.

Vikram comes back from shooting and meets her at a park. She speaks of being confused and reminds that their talk remained incomplete. He comes close and asks her to listen carefully to him. He speaks of liking to be with her, and also he feels like Vikram as the person and not a superstar. Moreover, he feels love around her. [Tere Bin Kya Mila Ab to Aaja Piya tune plays]. Vikram’s Aunt comes there and shouts at him. He holds Radhika’s hand but soon he is taken away by his aunt for a press conference. Some days pass by and Radhika is puzzled to not receive his call. Radhika calls Astha on Vikram informed her of liking but after that day she has not received the call. Saurabh joins Astha and Radhika in the conference call. Soon, Rahul comes there and gives a flower bocquet to her along with some letter from Vikram. She finds a red dress from Vikram with a greeting and later reaches a place for dinner. She learns on becoming a contest winner and thus came there to attend the promotional event. She gets bit angry to understood such a thing and Vikram opens-up of his aunt being his publicist. He planned a candle light dinner keeping promotional activity in mind. He apologizes to her and also opens up on having relationships in the past but with her he feels only love.

She speaks on believing only in true love, and not in any relationships. [Tere Bin song plays]. He compliments on her belief and asks whether she is in true love with him. She tries to not answer that question and informs him on seeing his painting first before replying. Meanwhile, Vikram’s Aunt [Bua] thinks Radhika wants to trap Vikram for his richness. She talks to Rahul and learns from him that Radhika and Vikram are reaching the city soon. Vikram brings Radhika to his room and shows her the paintings. He speaks of making something special and shows a special portrait of herself which he painted. He wants to know her answer, whether she has true love for him. Just then, Vikram’s friend and colleague Natasha comes there and speaks of missing him much and fondly calls him Baby. His Aunt also comes there and makes a taunt that Radhika is the contest winner. Radhika gets agitated and leaves while Vikram was unable to stop her. His aunt goes ahead to inform the media that Vikram has proposed to Natasha and is already engaged. Later, the aunt defends herself about getting pressure from producers. Vikram blames her and also on her fault but she suggests on doing such thing for his good. She asks whether he wants a flop movie or to loose money so he needs to just play along.

Next day, Vikram’s aunt goes to Radhika’s home and makes a taunt that she hasn’t slept last night.  She brought a newspaper article of Natasha as Vikram’s fiancee. She makes more taunts at Radhika and speaks of not letting him waste his life for her. She then asks her to look for a middle class boy and can get married. [Ishq Nahi Aasaan…Bas Itna Samaj lijiye song plays ]. Radhika reminisces past moments she shared with Vikram, how Natasha’s entry affected her, and also Vikram’s aunt taunts. She speaks of not going to cry and will let him go from her life and be strong. Meanwhile, Vikram is drawing some painting on the terrace but couldn’t figure out on what to draw and throws them away. Rahul comes there and informs Vikram on his movie’s promotion at some place and they need to go but Vikram is not interested. Rahul then asks Vikram whether he really loves Radhika, and then suggests him to tell her. Vikram replies on waiting for an opportune time and even he has tried to call her on phone but in vain. Rahul suggests that she needs to know the truth and also opens-up on how his Aunt has gone to Radhika’s home and insulted her much.

After coming to know about it, Vikram goes to confront his aunt and asks why she insulted Radhika. He is worried about Radhika now and speaks of not caring for promotions and publicity stunts, and reiterates that if his fans really love him then they are going to see his movie. He speaks of going to tell Radhika on how much he loves her. Radhika is seen at the village artifacts shop [Kaisi Kaisi kahani likhi.. song plays] and gets the potrait drawn by Vikram and soon finds him there. He calls her the love of his life and speaks of knowing what life meant after knowing her and cannot live without her. He speaks of living with her and wants to grow old. She thinks he comes whenever he wants and also leave at his own convenience without bothering much. She speaks on her realization of being a normal girl while he is a superstar. He speaks of not leaving her and will be like a shadow to follow her everywhere. On that note, he showers a hug and both realizing their true love to become lovestruck.  [PTKK title song plays]. The story ends on that happy note.

Meiyang speaks that Vikram and Radhika were happy after finding love and live happily thereafter. They just love by heart and also kept hope always. Moreover, they didn’t consider superficial things in their love – money, stature.

Info On Cast:
* Vikram Kapoor, Superstar is portrayed by dancer and Actor Kunwar Amar
– Kunwar is also contemporary dancer, Choreographer, Host and TV presenter.
– Started his career as a dance teacher at a school in Indore teaching dance styles-freestyle and hip hop to children.
– Played a prominent role of Reyaansh (Rey) Singhania in popular dance-based teen drama Dil Dosti Dance on Channel V India, paired opposite Shakti Mohan. Contestant in Dance India Dance Season 2, 2010 and was a finalist (finished in fifth place).
– Recently participated in Life OK’s Dare 2 Dance [2014], and emerged as 2nd runner-up.
– Twitter page of Kunwar.

* Radhika Sharma is portrayed by actress Sheetal Singh
– Sheetal was born on November 22, 1989 in Lucknow, India.
– TV debut with Channel V’s Paanch: Five Wrongs make a Right and portrayed the lead role of Roshni [2014]
– Worked as flight stewardess for brief time, Went to St. Teresa’s College and Central Academy and University of Mumbai for her studies.
– Attended Circle in the Square Theatre School, the very well reputed acting school in New York city and studied acting.
– Recently, portrayed the role of a crime reporter Swati in Bindass’ Halla Bol Season 2, 11th Episode telecast on 8th February 2015.
– Follow the tag Sheetal Singh Actress to read articles on episodes where she had worked.

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