Ruhi-Adi’s swap drama to aloof IshRa in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein





Adi has taught a lesson of life to lawyer Vohra, when he came to give the career guidance lecture in the class. While his son questions him about taking the right path, Vohra self realizes his mistake and recalls Ishita’s words. The professional man finally gets emotional and decides to help Ishita. He gives her the court papers by which she will be definitely getting Ruhi’s custody back, as he has given his statement against Shagun and how she made him make the wrong papers. Ishita gets glad and tells the family about getting Ruhi back, while Ruhi is also waiting for Ishita to take her back. Raman comes to know of this and worries for Adi, if he comes to know about Shagun’s grave mistake which could land her in jail. He decides to help her out for Adi’s sake, knowing about his medical state from the doctor. Adi gets in pressure when Shagun refuses to take him back and asks him to stay with Raman.

Adi feels no one loves him and Raman gets worried for his mental stress. He feels Adi will feel much bad when he knows how his parents have become big time enemies and not caring for the children. He recalls Ishita’s words that Ruhi can withstand any pressure as she has learnt to have patience and seen more of relations’ complications, where Adi has been living with just Shagun and does not know dealing with such problems. He considers both his children equal and decides to let Ruhi stay with Shagun. Ishita gets much angry with him on this decision and they both have big arguments over it. Raman explains her about Adi’s current state and she still gets firm to bring Ruhi back at any cost and promises she won’t drag Shagun in legal process. Ruhi gets annoyed with Ishita as the 48 hours come to an end and feels that they have given her away from Adi’s sake. What will Ishita do to get Ruhi? Keep reading.


  1. Serial should end on good note ,they are playing with emotions of small kids which is not a good example in front of society.

  2. Get rid blody creative writers for writing rubbish shit this shit is not worth watching watch HUM tv pakistani serals are 100xs better

  3. what nonsense Raman is at all time concerned abt Adi….Adi…Adi, suddenly Adi needs family, before he used to insult all members of Bhalla family. I feel so sad for Ruhi…… Raman awake up and stop supporting Shagun at all time…


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