Zindagi Wins 5th Episode, 21st March 2015, Malvika’s Life Aspect – Not Too Tight, Not Too Loose, Bindass TV – Written Update


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Aaliya speaks of knowing the human body is complex operating system and she is having a M.B.B.S degree but doesn’t know about some medical ethics – Why the doctors’ cannot promise to save the patient ? A lady patient is brought to the hospital and her kid – young boy is worried and Aaliya comes to give him support. Aaliya remembers her childhood and assures the boy that his mom would be fine and also makes a promise. She remembers Malvika’s words spoken earlier – doctors doesn’t promise on patient’s recovery. Aaliya speaks to herself of seeing a butterfly in the morning and haven’t thought on seeing so many colors and shades. Meanwhile, Malvika confronts a staff boy and Ishaan finds her doing so. He greets her but she reciprocates with no so much warmth. Aaliya also meets Ishaan and speaks of bringing back his shoes. She thinks the shoe is special for him as Dr. Malvika has presented him, and Mavika is also present nearby and she hears it.

Aaliya then speaks of having a secret about him, and suggests he didn’t have feelings for and stops. Ishaan speaks that her name is Aaliya Akhtar and gets paid as she is a doctor role in Life Beat Hospital. Aaliya is called to the emergency case with accident patient, and the auto driver speaks of a car hitting the lady while she was crossing the road, and running away. The young doctor Dr. Rahul suggests it is Hit and run case and wants to contact the police. Aaliya checks the patient and also looks at the small boy. Aaliya checks haemoglobin and thinks blood needs to be reserved. The boy asks for his mom and Aaliya gets lost in her thoughts for brief time. Ishaan meets a patient Minty Chopra who came for a counselling session with him, and she speaks of having 3 boyfriends [BF’s] but not at the same time on lighter note. She speaks of getting freaked out once she got cheated, and after some time she dated the 4th BF. She vent out all her anger on him. Ishaan asks how does she like the 4th guy ? She replies the 4th guy was innocent like her but now doesn’t want to ser her face. Even he has changed his social profile and thinks his maid is prettier than his last GF. Minty speaks of feelings, special bonding and life long relationship, and asks Ishaan whether he has lost someone in his life. He ponders on that note.


Meanwhile, Dr. Malvika checks the lady patient and learns she has intercranial hamerroage, and Maryam speaks of the auto driver informing that the lady also vomitted after the accident. Malvika thinks it is a neuro case. Rahul speaks that Aaliya looks traumatized, and Malvika tells him to follow the patient’s investigation instead. She asks Aaliya to ask the young child – boy and get some contact no of relatives. The boy speaks to God and wants his mom to be with her though his father is not alive. Aaliya learns his name is Akshat and she speaks of knowing a secret. She tells him to remember all the good moments he shared with his mom, and then everything will get normal. Aaliya get the boy’s handbook and soon gets the contact no. Akshat speaks of not going to cry, Aaliya remembers her childhood on how she asked God to send an angel for his dad’s health. She meets Malvika who informs on calling a neurosurgeon there. Malvika suggests that the patient needs to be shifted to the govt hospital if they couldn’t reach her relatives. Moreover, before surgery she needs to consult them. Aaliya steps in and informs Malvika that patient’s condition is critical, and around this time shifting could be fatal. Malvika speaks of knowing supreme court guidelines and first she is going to stabilize the patient and then the rest. Malvika speaks that there is a complicated neuro surgery, and even she has called neurosurgeon Dr. Shetty from Delhi. Aaliya again asks whether they are going to send the patient. Malvika reiterates on first stabilizing the patient, tests and henceforth to govt hospital. She informs Aaliya that without consent they cannot start the surgery.

Moreover, she knows Aaliya thinks by heart but she has to take care of rules and protocols. Aaliya suggests they should take the risk and nothing will happen. Aaliya speaks that patient will be fine and Malvika asks whether in her medical science education she also learnt about having surety on patient’s recovery. Aaliya speaks of being optimistic and the patient even does not have husband. Mavika explains final time – no consent no surgery. Aaliya speaks of arranging the funds since she knows many charitable trusts. On that note, Malvika reminds Aaliya to rethink whether she wants to become a doctor or administrator. Malvika informs Aaliya that Dr. Rahul will assist her. Ishaan checks Minty’s medical prescription and she speaks of taking it by doctor and takes different medicines for hyper tension and speaks of getting panic attacks. Moreover, she gets much stress which she just can’t handle. Just then Aaliya’s ex-BF Mak calls Ishaan and speaks of his life being an episode of emotional Atyachaar. Ishaan speaks to Mak that he is busy with a patient. Ishaan excuses and goes to meet Aaliya about Mak troubling him since morning. Aaliya is speaking with Usha mam and introduces herself of meeting at Red cross camp and doesn’t listen to Ishaan. Mariyam at his end doesn’t want to be called as mom when Ishaan calls her, and cites that nobody will flirt with her. She speaks of learning complicated relationships from them and reminds him that Age is nothing to do with flirting. He apologizes to her with a smile and asks about Aaliya’s problem. He learns Aaliya is working towards arranging funds and even Malvika knows about it. Mariyam informs Ishaan that she thinks the funds couldn’t be arranged in so little time. But Ishaan believes that Aaliya can do anything and she agrees with his words.

Aaliya meets a lady patient who came earlier for checkup and care. She learns on doing blood test last time. Rahul is also there and speaks of being free and can help her. Aaliya delegates Rahul to take care of the patient and take her for MRI scan for which he happily agrees. Mariyam later speaks to Aaliya on not able to contact the patient’s relatives while time is running. Ishaan learns Minty has booked all the sessions with him. Aaliya learns on getting 3 days to arrange the funds from the NGO. The lady from NGO trust informed her about it and Aaliya gets a written letter of their assurance and words. Ishaan comes to his room and speaks to Minty that she has blocked the entire day of him. She starts speaking of taking black coffee and getting constipation.. He tries to relax her and speaks on learning that her past is ruling her future. She wonders how ? He reminds that she had 3 BFs, and she vent out her anger on the 4th one which could have been her future. She realizes her mistake and asks what she should now ? He tells her to alienate her past and future from present, and she needs to focus on present. She thinks whether she needs to forget about the 4th BF. He clarifies that he is not talking about BF’s but instead that reality is in present. How much we love someone, we don’t have any control on how much they love us. But, we can always control our present, and we need to take every moment as special. Aaliya comes to see Mariyam and fondly calls her Mams as it short and works good in emergency times. She informs Mariyam on getting a written approval from a trust and funds are arranged and goes to inform Malvika. Meanwhile, Ishaan wants to try something new with Minty, and for the next 1 hr she will concentrate only on the present and not about her BF’s.

He informs her they can have lunch as she will be with him for the next few hours. Akshat speaks of remembering all the special moments he shared with his mom, and asks Aaliya whether she will save his mom. She speaks of having a secret and he talks about not stealing a chocoalte if his mom gets fine. Aaliya also remembers her childhood of saying the same words to a doctor asking him to save his dad. She urges him to save her dad with earnest and continuous requests. She gets teary eyed to recollect that moment. Malvika comes to Aaliya and informs her that doctors doesn’t give false promises to either patient or relatives  since it is common sense. Aaliya speaks that Akshat is much worried. Malvika asks Aaliya on why she was giving her assurance to the boy. Aaliya says sorry to Malvika. Malvika reminds that in their medical profession sorry has zero importance as well. Aaliya is called to Malvika’s cabin, and she goes there where another doctor asks her how she can send a patient for MRI without proper checking ? He informs that the lady patient was having migraine and also has steel rod in her legs. He speaks of being present there and checked the patient’s history and was able to save her life. Malvika informs Aaliya on why such a grave mistake happened by her. This is because she was much emotionally attached to the accident lady patient and for the same reason she didn’t focus well on other things. Malvika tells Aaliya that there is no room for errors and informs that she will get a show cause notice  [for termination of work contract], and she can meet Dr. Sinha if she prefers. That could be possible when he comes back. Aaliya apologizes to Malvika and leaves.

Ishaan tells Minty on how to enjoy being in present, like a relish a sandwich, seeing people and observing them to find some fun. Minty looks at a girl and likes her top dress, Aunt’s purse, grey color of Mak’s suit which and grey is her favorite. Mak comes there and smiles at Ishaan. He brought sweets (laddoos) for Ishaan and wants one session with him. He wants to bring out his happiness from the heart otherwise he will get fever, Minty smiles looking at him and soon she introduces herself as Mint. Mak speaks of knowing Minty has booked all the sessions with Ishaan and goes on to beg her for an appointment. He wants to show gratitude to Ishaan since he has helepd him in his relationship. He started eating sweets and his depression got over. She asks what was the problem in his relationship. Mak looks at Ishaan and shows the ring to her, and wanted to marry his ex-GF. His ex-GF didn’t say anything to him and has broken his heart. On that note, Minty wears the ring on her hand  while Ishaan leaves them behind. She thinks the ring is lovely and both spend some good time. Ishaan is seen outside the hospital cafe and calls Mak-Minty instant bonding as Magic with Mariyam in his company. Mak and Minty are holding hands and looking at each other with smiles and offering thanks to each other. Aaliya remembers Malvika’s words and Ishaan comes there. She asks on not understanding and calls herself being stupid. She speaks of wanting everyone’s happiness and he pacifies her. He tells that the kid needs her now and soon Ishaan and Aaliya learn that his mum is not allowed to eat chocolate. Soon, she learns that the lady is diabetic after finding medicines in the purse which Akshat was carrying. Aaliya runs to inform malvika the same who was about to do surgery.

Mak at his end is giving a red rose to Minty in the corridor and Aaliya runs across him resulting in the rose’s fall. Malvika learns about the patient being diabetic from Aaliya, and other doctors inform that sugar is not detected in routine blood tests and preliminary test and only in H1B test it is detected but takes some time to get the results. The senior doctor thanks Aaliya for informing them. Malvika thanks Aaliya and asks her to not go home, and asks her to hope for the best. Ishaan meets Aaliya and gets the patient’s condition from her, and compliments her on the surgery, and thinks Akshat will be happy. He asks why she gets overwhelmed when he hears Akshat’s name and by Malvika’s logic it is because she listens by heart. But he also thinks there is something more and she is hiding some secrets. She speaks of her wish to share good news to Akshat. Malvika informs that result will be known after the patient’s coming back to consciousness as it was brain surgery and informs the same to Aaliya. Aaliya goes to inform Akshat that once his mom comes out of sleep he can meet her. He speaks about her promise, and Aaliya says that his mom will be fine. Malvika finds Aaliya speaking the same and reminds her that good doctors think from mind and not by heart. She will not speak to patient’s relatives from there on, and Aaliya agrees for the same.

Ishaan and Aaliya are seen in a conversation, and informs her that we can try our best and not promise. Aaliya opens up and some years ago she was also in the same situation and at that time Dr. Bedi [Malvika’s Dad] spoke of trying his best to save her dad and gave a promise. He saved her father on that day and became his hero. Ishaan calls it incredible and learns that she became a doctor because of Dr. Bedi as her inspiration. He asks the reason and secret behind her smile and fondly calls her as Aloo  same like Mak. Aaliya learns from Mariyam that accident lady patient’s bill is settled, and Aaliya speaks that NGO has told 3 days earlier so how come they paid now. Mariyam informs the payment is not from NGO but from someone else and she will not tell. Aaliya tries to ask and insists on knowing it. Mariyam finally reveals the name and informs it is Dr. Malvika. Aaliya gets a shock. to hear such a thing. Mariyam speaks that there is some secret behind Malvika’s anger and she also has heart. Ishaan comes to Aaliya and both go to the lady patient’s room. Akshak thanks her and she thanks Ishaan for being a good friend. Later, Aaliya comes to meet Malvika, and speaks that she was right since promises cannot be given to patient and relatives. But from next time she will make a promise to herself on saving the patient who can be in any condition. Malvika gets glad with Aaliya’s change of stance and wishes her good luck.

* We believe that Zindagi Wins offers an amazing layering of varied emotions, and also gives some important life lessons along with entertainment. Additionally, acting is commendable. Kudos to Zindagi Wins team, Actors, and Bindass TV.

Episode Video:
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