Shagun to mull over Ruhi’s ad modelling in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Ishita keeps calling Ruhi and Ruhi does not talk to her being annoyed. Ishita breaks down feeling Ruhi does not need her anymore, the one whom she regarded her life. She is unable to bear Ruhi’s annoyance, though she knows Ruhi loves her. She feels Ruhi is accepting Shagun in her place and shares her pain with Raman. Simmi sees Ishita crying a lot and tells her mum. Mrs. Bhalla is worried for Ishita’s unwell state and sees she is taking more stress because of Ruhi. She makes her have a drink. She asks her to try her idea to relieve stress and she shows her cool attitude to giving a drink to her bahu. Ishita says she won’t drink and Mrs. Bhalla closes her nose and makes her drink saying this medicine will work the best for her. She does not tell Ishita about the wine and is sure that this will relieve Ishita. What will be Raman’s reaction seeing Ishita drunk?

Shagun loses her car and is worried as she starts having financial problem. The bank people take away her car asking her to pay all her bills. Raman has told Shagun about no financial help from his side and he will see how she manages her social status and high profile living. He asks her to manage Ruhi all alone and when she fails, he will drag her to court to get Ruhi’s custody showing her incapability. Well, Ruhi and Shagun go for dinner, where Raman is also present. His client likes Ruhi and suggests that she does an ad shoot. Raman refuses as Ruhi is quite small and Shagun bags this offer to make Ruhi enter ad modeling and she can earn by Ruhi’s work. Will this step of Shagun make her lose Ruhi’s custody? Is this any plan by Raman to bring Shagun’s truth out? Keep reading.


    • its annoying never a mother does in this world like shagun.they show on one side that how a mother -a step mother cares for the child in a good note and on other side how a mother plans evil to spoil her child life ,its bad.more over shagun got divorced and still in life of raman torturing .?how could a women who doesn’t want to live with a man went and then came back just for many to safe one does i hate this plot.

  1. If Raman and Ishita let that poor Ruhi in Shagun’s custody, what shagun does is not bad at all…

    Ishita why r u crying now? u have ur unfaithful man beside u now (that’s why you supported him) As soon as raman “hushed” you (I hate to see that man pointing his finger at stupid Ishita to make her quite, with tears pouring from his eyes) or “huggs u” U r surrender to him… so why worry, Hav a wine n enjoy your life..

    We r sorry for you Ruhi… Right from the birth u r struggling for love n love alone!!!!

    • Absolutely right SN.
      ishitha got what she deserved. how can they just give up Ruhi for Adi?.
      And Adi is sensitive? c’mon he is quite older and they expect Ruhi who is just 6yrs old to take care of herself?
      Raman never loved Ruhi as much as Adi and now even Ishitha. This show lost all its charm.

  2. the show going worst……….is the way husband wife…………raman cheated ishu is wrost…………d…….how the writer is able to give ruhi to shagun after knowing her character will ruhi be safe………… words……..i hate this serial………..i thought it would some thing different ……….no use of comments…………i dont know y they r asking ur comments…………they r going on their track…………making fools………..
    first will judge say the child like that………….d in court they will ask the babys …………nothing …….for their story they r ………i hate the writer…………

  3. Why everyone is hating Shagun for making Ruhi work? Are not the real parents of Ruhanika doing the same? If you feel making Ruhi work is wrong then you must even stand against Ruhanika & all other kids working as child artists.


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