Gumrah Season 5 29th March 2015 Episode 2 – Deepali’s story, with Karan Patel on Channel [V] –Promo


Karan Patel - host of Gumrah 5

Karan Patel (the host) speaks that love is a beautiful emotion and at a young age to have physical attraction is a common thing. Additionally, most of the times we misinterpret physical attraction as love. This week the story is of Deepali who gets involved in a physical relationship with her cousin relative. At first, she was happy to be around him but he compels her to come close physically on the pretext that its fine. He was attracted to her physically while she kept some feelings for him. She gets a shock after finding him coming close to another girl which makes her dejected.

Deepali understood on her misinterpretation of love with only physical attraction playing its part, and he only wanted to come close physically. Moreover, his cheating makes her rethink on the definition of love, and then vents out her frustration and anger. The question asked in this episode – Where do you draw the line when it comes to falling in love?  Stay tuned to Gumrah 5 this Sunday @ 7 PM on Channel V India.


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