Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 3 Episode 18 starring Prerna Wanwari, Randeep Rai & Jasmine Avasia, 27th March 2015 on Zing TV – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya KiyaPTKK Randeep Rai as Mohit, 27th March 2015 PTKK Jasmine Avasia as Neha, 27th March 2015

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) speaks of everyone have their own take on how they fall in love and sugests that sometimes after first meeting or it takes many years to understand each other. But there is a special thing which they only know. Love can also happen without seeing each other. Today’s story is of Mohit and Varsha and is set in Mumbai. RJ Varsha is on her radio show and shows vibrancy and speaks of her only motto – Live life with your heart. She speaks of some talks by heart on 102.2 radio and then talks about Bollywood quiz contest which she is going to organize tomorrow @ 8:00 am. The winner will get a chance to meet her. Mohit at his end hears RJ Varsha’s voice by listening to her radio channel and is seen going in his car with a friend. He speaks that Varsha’s voice touches his heart and his friend thinks he became mad. [Guzar Le zara song plays]..

Varsha meets her colleague Neha at her office Life Radio. Neha compliments Varsha on her radio show getting good ratings. She asks Varsha on why she do not socialize. She replies on not knowing, and Neha informs Varsha that she is also a good singer alongwith RJ. Neha is confident about it and Varsha thanks her. Neha wants to make Varsha a singing sensation. On that note, Varsha remembers her childhood where fellow children call her Kaalu (black girl) in school. Varsha talks to Neha and asks her to move on as her boyfriend Rahul has moved on. Neha agrees with her suggestion. Mohit’s friend is puzzled to see him liking her voice much. Mohit wants to call her so as to hear the voice and thinks on loving Varsha and her voice and asks his friend for idea if any. His friend asks him to call Varsha and to not have fear in love. He remembers Varsha’s words on Bollywood quiz contest and the opportunity to meet her.


Next morning, he listens to Varsha’s contest and soon he makes a call to participate in the contest. She learns he works in a marketing firm. He speaks of listening to her voice and show, and all his stress goes away and life feels easy to him. She thanks him and he answers correctly for the quiz – Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming movie: Bombay Velvet correctly, Alia’s first movie: SOTY, Akshay Kumar’s real name – Rajeev Bhatia. Thus, becomes the winner and she informs on seeing him at the lunch date. Later, Varsha is nervous to meet Mohit and talks with Neha. She also thinks nothing will happen due to her looks. Neha suggests to Varsha that she will find someone who will accept her as the person she is. But still Varsha insists Neha to go and meet him but she replies that Mohit wants to meet Varsha – RJ of Find your love radio show. Varsha insists Neha more that it is easy to act like her, and also reminds to Neha that she is single and available. Neha agrees to meet Mohit by taking identity of Varsha.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that the society put pressure so that everyone has a self-image. And many people cannot create such a image and becomes a victim of having complex. Varsha was having such complex and has stopped socializing.

Neha goes to meet Mohit as Varsha at the restaurant for the lunch date. He speaks of not knowing God’s creation since one person has all the talents and good looks. She thanks him for the compliment. She asks what he does ? He speaks of telling her that he has a marketing job. He speaks of having magic in her voice, and also her thinking is good on love and life. He wants her to give some advice. But she gets nervous and begins to leave. He gets her phone number before she left. Later, at home Neha meets Varsha and speaks that he was only speaking about her and the voice. Varsha thinks he might be one of her fans. Around the same time, Mohit calls Varsha and she picks up his call. He thanks her for coming, and wants to go to the play with her. Neha agrees to go with him this time and watches the play with him, and returns back to her home, and excused herself from going to restaurant.

Neha talks to Varsha on finding Mohit funny, educated and cute and she will manage him and thinks he is handsome. Varsha feels uncomfortable and Neha speaks of watching a movie with him tomorrow. Soon, Varsha receives a message from Mohit on her mobile. Next morning, Neha prepares to meet Mohit and is excited to meet him and thinks Varsha will not understand a marketing guy like him. Varsha reminisces her childhood bullying. Neha goes on a date with Mohit and have good time while Varsha works on her radio show and feels sad [Naina Jo Ladte Hain.. O Re Piya song plays]. She remembers on telling Neha to go to meet Mohit instead of her.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Mohit was thinking Neha as Varsha and was getting attached. Varsha was battling her complex and insecurity.

Neha is returning back with Mohit in his car, and he asks her a question on why her voice is different on the radio. She suggests the voice on mike is different than as she speak outside. She asks him about his marketing job and he reminds her that she asked him about it for the 7th time. He wonders whether she is a RJ or marketing executive. He drops her home and she then showers a hug before leaving. Varsha sees them and feels uncomfortable and her childhood memories are again revisited. She also remembers on being rejected because of her darkness during her audition in her grown-up days. She wonders who will like her. On a fresh monday she starts her show, Mohit listens to her and connects on her radio show. He speaks of needing help and informs that he is in love. She congratulates him, and he wants to send a message across her show. He speaks of loving the girls’ voice and also the person. She wishes them all the best [Sochna Jo Kal huwa song plays] and he gets glad.

Later in night, Varsha speaks to Neha about how Mohit confessed his love. Varsha reminds Neha on stopping their lie, and then speaks of going to an event tomorrow where  she needs to take an interview. Neha supports her and thinks it will be fine. Meanwhile, Mohit has invited Neha at a party place and the event is of a film company and his marketing company is covering it. Varsha is also there giving interview and Mohit comes to know of real Varsha. Varsha apologizes to Mohit for doing wrong and she speaks of having fear that he will not love after seeing her. He says she is beautiful and he likes her voice. She reminds him about having complex. He suggests her to not play anyone’s feelings and leaves.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that lie doesn’t have any legs and thus cannot sustain for a long time. Mohit got shattered after learning about the truth. Varsha has complex. Even after those things, Mohit’s love for Varsha was still intact and didn’t shrink.

Neha speaks to Varsha that Mohit really loves him, and what remains is the truth which is he really loves her. She informs Varsha that truth cannot be hidden and also love. Mohit calls Varsha but she doesn’t accept it and soon he texts a message asking her to accept his call. Next morning, Varsha starts her show and talks to listeners on having completed 1 year and wants to know their experience. Mohit calls her and asks if he hears her show on car stereo or at home he feels the same. He thinks her show’s strength is her voice and he wants to clarify that the girl whom he loves does so because he likes her voice, thinking and not external beauty. He wants her help and Varsha thinks the girl might have some compuslion or being worried with rejections. He speaks in that case he wants to understand the girl more. Varsha again recollects her childhood memories where indifference was meted out at her. She gets teary eyed and cries and ends the call. [Yaara Re.. YaaaRa Re.. song plays]

Later, he calls Varsha when she is at home. He speaks of having a big deal and wants her to come. She agrees to come and also informs Neha to come along as well. They reach the party scene and Mohit welcomes Varsha there. Sooner then, he calls her name for singing on stage and she gets worried. He comes to her and suggests that she should have confidence on herself and if she sings the result will be amazing but she is hesitant. He motivates her that she has all the qualities of a star, and asks her to look herself through his eyes. He confesses his love to her – I love you, and asks her to love herself to the amount he loves her. He takes her to the stage to sing in front of all the guests there. She sings Tinka Tinka song and get applaud from guests and Mohit. She goes to hug Mohit and thanks him for knowing to love herself, and also confesses her love to him with I love you message. Neha informs Varsha that her words come true and she hugs both of them. The story ends on that happy note.

Surbhi speaks Varsha finally found the person who liked her inner beauty and purity. Neha had started loving Mohit but she decided to not come in between Varsha and Mohit after knowing Varsha’s attachment. Surbhi signs off by saying – If your love has the power of truth then you can cover any distance.

Info on Cast:
* Varsha is portrayed by actress and model Prerna Wanvari
– Worked in the role of Sakshi in Star Plus’ show Bidaai  [2010]
– Role of Kadambari in Imagine TV’s Bandini [2009-2011], Channel V’s Gumrah as Simran [2011], Raveena Vikram Garewal in Colors TV’s Parichay [2011-2013].  In Sony TV’s Adaalat as Sunaina & Bindass TV’s Pyaar Ka The End as Sandhya [2013-2014], Savdhaan India [2015]
– Presented the Arts Programming Award at Emmy Awards Gala held at New York’s Hilton Hotel [November 2012]
Twitter and Facebook page of Prerna.

* Mohit is portrayed by actor Randeep Rai
– Worked in Channel V’s O Gujariya – Badlein Chal Duniya [June-October 2014]
– Also, in Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 78 in the role of Shashank, telecast on 30th November 2014.
– Currently, going to be seen in Bindass Emotional Atyachaar Season 5 1st Episode [27th March 2015], in role of Ronit.
– Follow the tag Randeep Rai actor to read articles on the episodes.

* Neha is portrayed by actress & model Jasmine Avasia
– Jasmine is also dancer. Worked in MTV’s Splitsvilla 5, Life Ok’s Tumhari Paakhi and recently in Sony TV’s Bhawar.
– Portrayed the role of Soha in MTV India’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. Recently worked in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 87 aired on 1st February 2015 as Mahi. Follow the tag Jasmine Avasia actress to read articles on episodes where she had worked.
– Jasmine’s Twitter page.

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