Bhabho gets blamed for stealing Vansh in Diya Aur…


bhabho dabh


Sandhya and Sooraj go for shopping and buy same clothes and toys for Ved and Vansh. Ankur calls them and gives a shocking news about Vansh getting missing from the hospital. They rush to the hospital. Ankita tells them that she has got Vansh to hospital as he was unwell and had cold. They worry and try to find Vansh. They see the CCTV footage and see a lady appearing as Bhabho taking the baby with her. Ankur doubts Bhabho has taken away the baby from them. Bhabho indeed comes to the hospital and sees Vansh. She gets very concerned for Vansh. Is the blame on Bhabho right? Sooraj and Sandhya break down in tears and wish to see Vansh fine.

Ankur blames Bhabho and says you have sent Babasa home with both the babies. He asks Bhabho to return Vansh and argues with her. Bhabho says she has given him the baby by her wish, why will she take him. Sandhya tells Ankur that Bhabho never lies, if she said she did not take Vansh, it means she did not take him. Ankur calls Sandhya to be Bhabho’s Bhakt. He says she he supports Bhabho in all her right and wrong things. Sooraj asks Ankur to calm down and they worry for Ved, who is not with Babasa. The big twist comes when both babies get missing. Bhabho knows Vansh is weak and wants to keep him safe. Sooraj and Sandhya cry for Ved and Vansh. Later on, all the arguments get settled when they get the babies back. The viewers will get to see the old Bhabho, with high reactions and anger. Will Bhabho take Vansh home or keep her promise? Keep reading.



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