Ashok to get arrested for marital rape attempt on Mihika


ashok yhm

After Ashok has been keeping Mihika locked in the room to torture her, and cutting her off from the phone and family contact, Iyers gets worried for Mihika and find this weird that Mihika is not answering any call. Ashok attempts to rape Mihika. Ashok says he will torture her as she has been torturing him by her fake pregnancy. He gets frustrated and says he will teach her a lesson. Mihir and Simmi bring Ishita to meet Mihika and they are stunned seeing Mihika running to the exit. Mihika falls over Ishita and cries. Mihika saves herself and tells Mihir, Simmi and Ishita about Ashok molesting her. Simmi and Mihir beat Ashok to the core. Ishita hugs Mihika and says she will get justice for her. Simmi slaps Ashok for the marital rape attempt. Simmi teaches him the lesson and Simmi’s heavy hand hurts Ashok.

Ishita takes Mihika to police station to file the FIR and inspector refuses to take the complaint. Ishita gets angry and scolds him, asking him to write FIR or send his objections. Ishita says she will make Ashok get arrested and explains how Mihika is not even able to talk, and he is saying to leave that rapist. She says she can’t leave the man who has assaulted her, they can’t move on, its time to take action, and asks him to stop giving his stupid suggestions. The inspector asks her to listen to him. She says give your suggestions and we will take the action in some other way. Ishita says she will have justice for Mihika at any cost and is determined to bring the matter in light to stop such incidents. What will be Mihir’s reaction knowing about the sacrifice Mihika made for him? Keep reading.


  1. Disgusting drama yeh hai mohabbatein. ishita just used ruhi to get married to raman. And raman is like a person that ashok is better than him.

  2. Ishita just trying to win over shagun by snatching adi and ruhi. And gathering family true love as a mother. She having nice time with husband who is responsible to let go her child. Showing off motherhood

  3. Drama should be end…. boring story.. again mihir and mihika’s love story will start… Rinki will be alone… Same story repeats again n again…

  4. YHM demonstrated family values and marriage start with friendship , there is life even when one can’t have kid by nature and step moms are not bad. I like Raman and Ishita role and actors are doing excellent acting , acting with their eyes


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