TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


TR's Top Spoilers For this Week

Tejaswini and Lakhan instigate children that Chakor is giving them a big deceive and suggests she has not taught them anything. Lakhan informs them that Chakor has gone with Suraj & his friends to Haveli and is enjoying there. Soon, Imli & other children reach the haveli to find Chakor taking drinks with Suraj & friends and in happy mode. Suraj is part of his mom’s ploy and hasn’t change and gave chocolates laced with intoxicating items to make her fall asleep. Chakor’s innocence played its part and she ate them and soon goes to sleep. Imli is shocked to see Chakor there and all children turn against her. But Chakor is defiant to excel in her study by going to school and also to remove the bandua stamp. Bhaiya ji continues to hatch plans and wants Chakor to leave her study. Will Chakor thwarts Tejaswini & Bhaiya ji’s evil plotting ?

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Akshara, Naitik with family – Naksh and Naira have moved to Cape Town, South Africa and are shown to have been living there after 10 year leap and are going through their new journey of life there. Naksh & Naira are now grown-up and time has healed all the wounds. Naksh chats with his Badi Dadi (Akshara’s Bhabhi Maa) and wishes her happy birthday. Sooner then, Naira comes and snatches away the IPad and wishes her Dadi Happy Birthday. Naksh then tells Akshara to speak with his grandmom and once she takes it Akshara’s Bhabhi Maa switches off the laptop at her end. Akshara gets teary eyed to see Bhabhi Maa’s displeasure towards her which remained until now. Anyways, Akshara wishes Happy Birthday Bhabhi Maa though she isn’t connected. Naksh thinks there is connection loss and he consolidates her and suggests very soon they are going to meet his grandmom. Akshara and her family will be going back to her home in Udaipur in track ahead. Will Akshara find sustained happiness in her new journey away from India ? Whether Bhabhi Maa forgive Akshara & stop blaming her for Dada ji’s death: reconciliation to happen soon ?

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Navratri festival is celebrated with Ishita doing prayers and wishing Durga Mata. Ruhi comes there unexpectedly akin to a miracle, and carries bit teary face. Ishita gets much happy and gets teary eyed on seeing Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla and others are also happy. The occasion is Kanya puja for Navratri festivities. Ruhi shows her hate and anger and speaks of coming there to take her belongings. Ruhi reminds Ishi Maa that she has not invited her for special prayers unlike last year when they have done prayers together and also took a photo. Moreover, Ruhi declines to taste the Kheer sweet which Ishi Maa offered to her. Ruhi then talks about Shagun being right and thinks Ishi maa and others have forgotten her, and moved on. She asks them to shower their love to Adi if they love her. Ruhi before leaving apologizes to Durga Mata for her behavior and not eating Kheer.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Bhardwaj family going through difficult times with Siddhant’s death. Simar prays and asks for forgiving Roli. While, Roli also wants forgiveness since she knows all about still keeping quiet. What is the mystery of Roli’s silence ? On another front, Siddhant is expected  to come in an avatar of Naag after his death with Trishul.

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Tere Sheher Mein:
During the Tehrvi prayers of Amaya’s father comes a big problem with Prasad (religious food offering, gift during prayers) not ready and Sneha alongwith Amaya get worried. Sneha goes on to inform Pandit ji on Prasad being not ready and gets nervous. He thinks it is a big unfortunate development but soon Amaya comes there and speaks that Prasad is ready. How she has solved the prasad problem ?

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Swara comes to Ragini and informs that Lakshya is waiting for her at the terrace. Swara has initiated the step so that Ragini and Lakshya reconcile on their broken relationship. Ragini goes to the terrace with nervousness. Both look at each other earnestly. Soon, everyone in the family are on the lookout of a thief which makes Lakshya-Ragini worried on one hand, and other hand Swara hides herself at the bed. The question is whether this attempt instead of yielding positive impact create more problems for Swara & Ragini.

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Meera continues to not show respect to Gopi and had earlier confronted Gopi when Kokila was recovering at the hospital after the heart attack. Meera again gets agitated with Gopi and wants to not learn manners from her. Paridhi intervenes but Meera speaks that Gopi is not her mom and also makes a taunt at Paridhi. She doesn’t listen to members of Modi family and also Tolu/Molu attempts to pacify her but in vain. On another front, Mansi tries to impress Kokila by showing goodness, and remains in tussle mode with Gopi regarding Ahem. Mansi brought soup for Koki and gets ire from Ahem as it is very salty. Thus, Kokila isn’t impressed with Mansi, and wants Ahem to reconcile with Gopi and moreover wishes to bring family together once again.

Maharana Pratap:
Pratap and Ajabde come back to Chittor after ending their stay in Kashi. Udai Singh meets Pratap and learns about the good news of Ajabde’s pregnancy. But on other hand, Udai Singh learns of Pratap’s intentions in coming back for Chittor’s safety – to shoulder the responsibilities towards his motherland, and not for dad’s love. Pratap continues to have some distance with his father and Ajabde’s pregnancy news have brought them closer. Jagmal hatches a plan to harm Ajabde’s unborn baby since he is scared to see Pratap & his son ruling Mewar. Dheer Bai shows pity for her son’s condition but couldn’t instill the right path. Will Jagmal’s efforts to harm Ajabde turn on himself, Is he going to face the wrath ?

Doli Armaanon Ki:
Urmi and Ishaan faces a heartening challenge ahead with Shaurya’s bone marrow cancer knowledge. They are in a fix since the doctor while giving assurance on Shaurya having time and can live with medication, but also spoke of treatment only possible by taking the bone marrow of his sibling only. Since Ishaan is Shaurya’s father now, and the doctor’s argument on having the same couple that of first baby makes them distraught. In medical science, bone marrow transplants are first given preference to relatives, and if that is not the case potential matching donors are look after. Additionally, Damini finds Urmi shattered and tells her to leave their home by taking Shaurya away. Damini shows her evil side even during Urmi’s turbulent time. Will Ishaan & Urmi find some matching donor for Shaurya’s cancer treatment ? Are they going to keep determination in this challenging time ? What role Samrat going to play in this time ?

Jamai Raja:
Roshni comes to shower her love to Sid who was sleeping. She looks at him with earnest eyes and cries after swaying in emotions as she learnt about Sid’s love after finding letters written by him during the time of their seperation. Roshni understood Sid’s love and her Nani provided those letters. However, Sid isn’t aware of Roshni reading his letters. Roshni takes the lead by herself and prepares tea for Sid next morning to impress him. She plans to win his love in the same manner that of Sid who earlier put relentless efforts to win back his love. There are some issues and it has to be seen how they steer in love ahead by resolving those differences.

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  1. Ipkknd is having a 6month leap as shlok couldn’t take that his mom died so he went in a coma, after 6 months he wakes up n is going to avenge her death, also aastha has memory loss but we don’t know why.


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