High Five Spoilers


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Suhani will be getting her happiness back as Yuvraaj is supporting her. He decides to make Dadi against Soumya and questions on her western clothes and inability to cook well. He makes them fight and thinks Dadi will herself kick out Soumya by the effect of his plans. Soumya argues with Dadi and says she likes western clothes and keeps her opinion. Dadi feels bad by Soumya’s rude answers. Soumya gets Dadi’s scoldings and gets upset. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to help him in showing Dadi how Suhani is far better than Soumya. Suhani feels Yuvraaj’s acceptance and gets glad.


The new love triangle in MATSH has begun. With Ishani getting freed from jail, she finds a support in Shikhar. Ranvir gets disheartened seeing her with Shikhar. Ishani is shattered by Ranvir and Ritika’s togetherness. Ranvir keeps a grand baby shower function for Ritika. Shikhar brings Ishani there to meet Ranvir. Though Ranvir has made a new start with Ritika and cares for her baby, he still loves Ishani and protects her from all hurdles hiding from the limelight.


Nisha’s cousins make the situation odd for Nisha and Kabir by playing a prank on them on their first wedding night. The cousins plan to get them close and the plan does not go well. Nisha gets tensed seeing Kabir waiting for her in awkward state and misunderstands him. She does not let the things grow and they decide the rules for keeping the marriage according to them. They make a contract with regulations that they will be just friends having no marital relations, and the marriage will last for just three months. She writes that they will share the work and not fall in love with each other. Later on, Nisha comes home for her Patphere function. Kabir accompanies her and everyone is glad seeing Nisha very happy. Nisha comes in her western clothes and just dons the bridal bangles. Nisha’s mum Laxmi gets annoyed and explains her that she should wear saree in such functions. Nisha explains her point and Kabir handles the matter. Kabir tells them that wearing traditional clothes is not mandatory for Nisha and supports her. The cousins are very happy seeing Nisha and tease her about Kabir. Nisha and Kabir will be going for honeymoon in the coming track.


Shagun does the drama dose high by showing her fake love to Ruhi and fooling her by the sweet caring words. Shagun hugs Ruhi and Ruhi finds comfort being angry on Ishita. Shagun makes Ruhi ready for school and does all her work. She tries to becomes like Ishita and look a good mother to Ruhi so that she forgets Ishita and falls in her words. Shagun is doing all this to make Ruhi go ahead with more ad shoots. She tells Ruhi that she will manage her school and fools her saying about Raman’s job is in risk. Shagun uses Ruhi for revenge from Raman and Ishita and the need for money. She lost Adi and if things go same, she will lose Ruhi too. Ishita’s love will get back Ruhi very soon. Well, Ishita is busy with Mihika’s matter. She consoles Mihika by assuring support. She hugs Mihika and asks her to fight against Ashok. Ishita and Vandu ask Mihika not to take any wrong step such as suicide attempt done earlier and bring her to Iyer house. Ishita breaks down more by seeing Mihika in such state. The Iyer sisters decide to get Ashok punished.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya’s sweet scenes will be seen after a long time. Dadi will spot Abhi hiding when he tries to avoid Pragya. Pragya sees Abhi and gets away being shy. Dadi comes in between and catches them playing hide and seek. Pragya’s love confession makes them ignore each other. The inspector comes to take his statement for the kidnapping case. Abhi and Pragya say everything they faced and how they managed, and inspector says Pragya and Abhi surely love each other a lot, knowing how they have saved each other. Abhi gets cooked up by the love and takes the inspector’s class, feeling awkward with Pragya. Later on, the party thrown by the producers get Abhi caught in his female fan circles. The girls surround him and take a selfie with him. They pull Abhi and his rock star image does not let him spend time with Pragya. Pragya becomes away from him, and the girls kiss Abhi to take a selfie. Abhi feels fresh in the party after the long kidnapping matter. Tanu tries to take Abhi with him. Pragya gets jealous and stands at a corner, not able to do anything. Pragya has confessed her love and she knows Abhi will confess love too. The girls ask Abhi for the dance and there is a race between them to see whom Abhi chooses as his dance partner. The love between Abhi and Pragya has started finally.



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