Dadi to think over choosing Soumya in Suhani Si…


soumya ssel

Yuvraaj’s plans have finally started working. Rags has stopped helping Soumya and starts getting rude to her seeing how Dadi has made her favorite and showering gifts to her. But Rags will never change when it comes to trouble Suhani and her stupid step was to get silly proposals for Suhani by taunting her on her ‘soon to be a divorcee’ tag. Suhani replies her very well asking her not to interfere in her matter and also taunts Soumya, saying it does not mean if first marriage ended, anyone becomes desperate and catches any man that comes in sight. Yuvraaj and Sharad can’t control their laughter and are glad that Suhani is doing as they said. Dadi’s plan fails to make Soumya and Yuvraaj do the Navratri puja. Yuvraaj makes it clear to Suhani not to offer any help to Soumya, as her small help can affect them badly in future.

Suhani limits herself from helping Soumya and Yuvraaj starts putting all household chores on Soumya. Soumya planned to rule as queen being his wife and confronts him, and he compares her with Suhani. He shows her how Suhani manages the entire house and duties so well and provokes her to prove herself to be of Suhani’s standard. Soumya gets raged and thinks to do everything on her own. She fails miserably and Dadi gets disappointed with her. Soumya fails in cooking task and misbehaves with Dadi, showing some Birla Bahu tantrums before her marriage. Dadi gets stunned seeing her high tone arguments and thinks about her decision to choose her. Soumya later apologizes to Dadi and all things get like before again. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that they need to create more situations to break Dadi and Soumya’s unity and make Dadi realize Soumya is good for nothing, and just a gold digger, greedy woman who does not know what true love is. Will they succeed in their aim? Keep reading.


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