Shikhar’s worry of Ishani as a burden at his home starts to reduce; RV remains in a haze on Ishani being alive


ranvir and ishani in matsh

Ishani and RV misses to see each other at the Godh Bharai (baby shower) function of Ritika where she had gone to meet Shikhar. Ishani needs Shikhar’s help as she wants to help Baa covertly in paying the medical bill’s pending amount. Disha gave birth to a baby boy and Manas alone wasn’t able to pay all the bill so Ishani plans to do some help. It has to be seen what Shikhar will inform when Ishani speaks about needing money and its purpose. Ishani stays at his home and they have some tiffs between them but nevertheless they begin to develop some kind of bonding and trust. He is more worried to not let others and RV know about a girl staying in his home since he wishes that his date plan with judge’s daughter Sanaya go smoothly. Shikhar does flirting with girls and boasts about himself to Ishani but is a good person at heart. He isn’t aware of Ishani’s identity as RV’s former wife and thinks Ishani as the girl whom he saved. Moreover, he suggests that the girl and RV both are similar as they didn’t get their love.


RV at his end takes care of Ritika and she keeps aspirations to really marry & realize their married life fully, and also keeps reminding him that he hasn’t forgotten Ishani until now though he believes she is no more. RV’s mom Amba has her own greedy reasons to make Ritika get love from RV. To make it happen, she had already started employing societal pressures tactic to sway RV towards Ritika and have a fully realized marriage.

In this track ahead, RV gets some doubt after finding Shikhar with a girl and he assumes there is something amiss. He goes ahead to meet Shikhar at his home. Shikhar comes to know of RV coming to his home to ask him some questions about the girl. Shikhar tells Ishani to hide in the room and do not come out until he asks her to do so. Next, RV comes to Shikhar’s home and asks him about the girl with whom he was last seen. Shikhar gets nervous since he doesn’t want to reveal Ishani’s (the girl whom he saved) presence in his home. How Shikhar convinces RV in coming up with some story to evade him seeing the girl Ishani. The larger question is, Will RV come to know of Ishani being alive ? What role Shikhar would play in diminishing the distance/seperation between RV-Ishani if RV comes to know of the reality ?

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