High Five Spoilers


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Ruhi refuses to attend the function at Bhalla house. She meets Muttu and is glad, and does not favor Ishita. Ishita cries having done all the preparations for Ruhi, buying clothes, bangles and also making sweets for her. Raman thinks Ishita should get Ruhi with her and talks to Ruhi giving example of how she has sent off Muttu to someone else. Ishita gets some deserving happiness from Raman’s efforts. He convinces Ruhi to forgive her Ishi Maa as she loves her a lot, and they had to send her off being helpless. Ruhi wears the dress Ishita got for her and makes Ishita do the Kanchan pujan. Raman washes Ruhi’s feet and Ishita does her tilak and bhog. Ruhi does not get convinced by heart and shows annoyance. Ishita gets teary eyed and is satisfied that Ruhi came to them. The Bhalla family happily ends the puja. Rinki observes Mihir and Mihika’s friendship and gets sad. Her patience starts getting over and she tries to win Mihir’s heart, which she did not think of doing before.


Kabir takes part in a dance competition and has to go for auditions. He has leg strain and does not wish to give audition. Nisha convinces him to go for audition and tries to help him to get relieve of the sprain. She takes care of him, knowing Viraj is jealous of Kabir and has pushed Kabir during his dance practice, leading to his leg injury. She tells Kabir that she will take him for the auditions. Nisha drives the auto for Kabir’s sake and does her wife duties well. Kabir prays that she does not hit anyone and they too remain safe, knowing she does not know to drive. Nisha drops Kabir to the audition venue and prays that he gets selected. She wishes him all the best and he gets glad to see her support.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi sleeps in Dadi’s place and Pragya assumes him to be Dadi. Abhi wakes up and hears Pragya talking to Dadi. While he was hiding from her, she comes more close to him. He covers himself and hides his face. She asks is Dadi unwell, does she has leg sprain or back ache. She says she will massage her back and holds him. Abhi worries and thinks why did he come to use Dadi’s room to get a good sleep. Abhi answers her with signs and asks her not to massages his legs or back. Dadi comes there and Pragya sees Dadi. She asks Dadi if she is there, then who is it. Dadi removes the bedsheet and they see Abhi. Pragya gets shy and Abhi acts as if he does not know anything, and he was sleeping. Pragya feels awkward and Dadi laughs seeing their silly misunderstanding. Dadi tells Pragya and Abhi that she wants to see their baby soon. Abhi and Pragya fall short of words.

Tu Mera Hero:

Titu has started working to make Panchi a proud wife and Govind a proud dad. He opens Chowdhry garage and does the mechanic work. Panchi turns him into a responsible man, and he gets rid of the laziness. She brings tiffin for him and asks him to take a lunch break. She makes him have food by her hands and the scene gets a filmi feel. Govind feels proud seeing Titu work in the garage without anyone’s help. It all ends up as Panchi’s dream and she hopes to make her dream true. Govind wishes Titu does some work and it should be simple start for him, with no risk at all.


The show has taken a one year leap. Radha has changed and she has become a superstar. She has become a glamour queen, which she always dreamt of. Radha is very happy as her first movie is getting launched. She goes to temple to thank Lord and prays to get strength for a new start, by forgetting LD and move on. She still misses LD and wears their engagement ring in her chain. She is not married in the world’s sight, but still keeps the ring close to her heart, as she loves him a lot. Radha does some charity and gathers blessings. She misses LD and his family, and recalls the happy days with LD.



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