Abhi and Pragya argue over baby names in KumKum Bhagya


kb abhi pragya

After the funny, silly and light hearted scenes between Abhi and Pragya, there is something that makes them speechless. Dadi tells Pragya and Abhi that she wants to see their baby soon. Abhi and Pragya fall short of words. Abhi’s family has started having baby dreams and puts some pressure on Abhi and Pragya. They even get books for good baby keeping and also choose names for the baby. Abhi and Pragya fight for the naming ceremony, and all the misunderstanding get funny. Dadi asks them to choose the baby names, saying if they choose names, then they will definitely think of having kids. Dadi tries to bring them close.


Abhi and Pragya make fun of their respective baby name choices. The function kept for Purab and Bulbul, changes focus on Abhi and Pragya. Later on, they think on their silliness to choose baby names, when there is nothing such between them. On the other hand, Bulbul gets hurt in an attempt to teach a lesson to the corporator. Will Purab and Abhi be able to end the corporator matter for once and all? Will Abhi and Pragya end their kiddish ways and think of making a new start? Keep reading.


  1. I feel this show had started funny but now is becoming worse day by day. People like Aliya, Mitali and Tanu can get away with anything while the good people keep suffering and crying. Where is the fun in that? Shouldn’t the culprits be ever caught? Shouldn’t justice be served? This serial has become just like all the other shows on tv. Boring drama where bad always wins and good always loses.

    • Could you pls just stop watching if u get boring or watever rather than giving improper comments..I dont no y there are people who will just comment to talk bad abt something..if u feel the show is nt good just ignore lar no one bother n false u to watch kumkum bhagya

  2. I agree with Nikita. Evrybdy has right to give comments. N the show is realy becoming boring. I feel even bad comments should be posted as it will help them to understand viewers views n likes and to improve the show if possible.


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