Niranjan wedged between past truth and family’s love in Iss Pyaar…


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Shlok’s remarkable entry in Indrajeet’s home has shattered Ahilya the most. She feels she has failed to take revenge from Niranjan. When Shlok kicks out Indrajeet and everyone from his home, after getting all property back on Niranjan’s name… Anjali comes to defend what Indrajeet did with them and why Ahilya’s revenge was justified. Anjali asks Shlok not to scold anyone from Sarkar Family and tells them the dark truth of Kavita Pishi. Niranjan waits for Anjali at home, and comes there knowing they all are present there. He shares happiness with Anjali and tells her they got all their rights and property back.


Anjali inturn tells him how her life got ruined today, even when they got everything back. Niranjan asks her why is she crying and tries to wipe her tears. She stops him and blames him to cheat her and give a wound of lifetime. She brings Kavita infront of him, asking him to face his past. Niranjan is stunned seeing Kavita and recalls his past, how he has done injustice with her. Anjali asks him to answer Kavita and her, about his step to abandon Kavita and ruin a woman’s life. Niranjan gets speechless and Shlok could not believe it. Niranjan pacifies Anjali and apologizes to her, getting tensed when Anjali asks him to give Kavita her full rights. She asks Shlok to return all property to Kavita and Ahilya, and also refuses to be with Niranjan, as her marriage is null in Kavita’s presence. What will be Niranjan’s take on this? Will he do justice with Kavita and accept her, or make Anjali realize his completeness with her? Keep reading.


  1. I am so tensed as well, I need to know what is going on! where is astha, why is her mom mad at shlok’s family? I don’t want the mom to be dead


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