Amaya gets to know Sneha’s family roots in Tere Sheher Mein


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The girls talk to Sneha about leaving Banaras and going back to Mumbai. Sneha asks them to give her some time to think what she can do. Rachita understands that they have to stay in Banaras now and better accept the truth. Rachita calls the electrician and gets the switches work. Amaya gets annoyed and tells her that she will not stay in Banaras, and they are doing things to settle there. Rachita says they have to fix many things. Jaz asks Amaya to accept that they are staying here. Amaya is planning to leave Banaras and Rachita asks her to adjust with the situation. Amaya says she will never make her stay in Banaras permanent and thinks to convince Sneha to take them back to Mumbai.

Later on, Amaya’s silliness makes her land in the police station with her luggage. She turns tensed as she did not wish to reach the police station, and was going somewhere else. She argues with the inspector and comes to know the big truth about Sneha’s family in Banaras. She did not know about her grandparents and uncle. She says its not possible that she has any maternal relatives, as Sneha did not tell her anything. She gets scared that such roots will make her more firm in Banaras, which she does not wish. Will Amaya find out the truth of Sneha’s family abandoning Sneha for her mistake to marry Rishi? Will she take any step in uniting Sneha and her family? Keep reading.

Mantu and Amaya’s kettle story Promo: Mantu misunderstands Amaya. Will Amaya forgive him and accept his friendship?
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