Ishaan slaps Urmi by Samrat’s evil sorting in Doli…


dak urmi samrat

Samrat comes to know that Urmi did not reveal anything to Ishaan about the forced Mujra dance. Ishaan apologizes to him for Urmi’s slap and Samrat rejoices his wickedness. He asks Ishaan to equal that slap effect by slapping Urmi infront of everyone. Ishaan gets tensed and Samrat asks him to think about Shaurya, who has very less time for treatment now. Ishaan comes downstairs and sees Urmi serving breakfast to everyone. Ishaan asks for coffee. She serves him coffee. Ishaan throws the coffee and says where is her focus these days, she made the worst coffee. Urmi says she made it fine. Ishaan says you mean I m lying, and gives her a solid shaking slap, much to everyone’s shock. Urmi breaks down in tears by Ishaan’s misbehavior and runs to her room.

Ishaan feels sorry and sees Samrat enjoying happily. Samrat claps and signs to him. Ishaan goes to apologize to Urmi and tells her about Samrat’s condition for saving Shaurya. Later on, Ishaan and Urmi go to attend a friend’s party and look perfect. The couple has some romantic moments and does not leave each other’s hands. Ishaan tries to make Urmi happy. A man sees them and speaks ill about Urmi’s character, talking about her stay with Ishaan and Samrat. Ishaan loses his temper and beats him red and blue. Urmi asks Ishaan to leave him and they leave for home. Will Samrat succeeds in separating Urmi and Ishaan? Keep reading.



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