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Ishita has found better ways now to trouble Shagun. She sends Muttu Swami with Ruhi to Shagun’s home and this breaks Shagun’s patience. Shagun asks Ishita to take Muttu back and Ruhi stops her. Shagun calls her to take the dog out. Ruhi says its not dog, but her baby. Shagun’s case is getting weak and her worry is increasing. Shagun scolds Ruhi and asks her to throw Muttu out. Ruhi opposes and Ishita enjoys seeing Shagun in tension. Ruhi keeps Muttu with her and makes him sleep on the bed, annoying Shagun. She apologizes to Shagun. Raman and Ishita are always fighting. Subbu makes an entry back in her life, to Ishita’s shock. Ruhi will be soon brought back to Ishita, by none other his ex fiancé Subbu (Bala’s younger brother).

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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Debjani has got a job in Aseem’s news channel. She is against Dylan, though he does not trouble her intentionally. She dreams of cleaning a car and putting much efforts to get perfect shine, and then Dylan putting muddy water on it and ruin her efforts. They both start arguing in her dream. Debjani wakes up from her sleep and realizes how much she hates Dylan. On the other hand, Dylan is also good hearted and has helped Chandralekha get her job back, at the cost of getting suspended for 10 days at his office. Debjani starts liking Aseem and the family is happy that she will be working with Aseem.


Suhani worries that Bhavna is not taking her call. Yuvraaj finds her restless and asks the matter. Suhani tells Yuvraaj to take her as she wants meet Bhavna. Yuvraaj and Suhani meet Bhavna. They go to a restaurant and they have jalebis. Bhavna tells about her sweet cravings. He comes to know that Bhavna is pregnant and congratulates her. Yuvraaj asks Bhavna to be careful and gives some tips of taking care. Bhavna and Suhani laugh on him. Bhavna laughingly tells him to take good care of Suhani in future, when she gets pregnant. Suhani and Yuvraaj see each other feeling awkward. He gets tensed and puts his pale face in the menu card.

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Ranvi gets a legal notice and comes to know he has been sued for using someone’s lyrics and gets worried. He asks Gunjan about the lyricist and she tells him that there was no one’s name written in magazine along the poetry. Ranvi meets Arora and tells him that about the lyrics used from some old magazine, but he has mentioned to him before. Arora gets angry for the bad name his company got into, because of Ranvi. Ranvi tells him that he worships music and he can never steal anyone’s work. Gunjan realizes her mistake and asks Ranvi to believe her intentions.

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Doli Armanon Ki:

Ishaan apologizes to Samrat for Urmi’s slap and Samrat rejoices his wickedness. He asks Ishaan to equal that slap effect by slapping Urmi infront of everyone. Ishaan gets tensed and Samrat asks him to think about Shaurya, who as very less time for treatment now. Ishaan comes downstairs and sees Urmi serving breakfast to everyone. Ishaan asks for coffee. She serves him coffee. Ishaan throws the coffee and says where is her focus these days, she made worst coffee. Urmi says she made it fine. Ishaan asks you mean I m lying, and gives her a solid shaking slap, much to everyone’s shock. Urmi breaks down in tears by Ishaan’s misbehavior and runs to her room.

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Tu Mera Hero:

Everyone in the family serve Titu and Govind even massages his legs. He asks everyone to take Titu’s blessings, as Titu plays his grandfather’s role. Govind thinks its his dad’s soul in Titu. Titu does the drama and fools everyone. Govind cries falling in Titu’s feet and gives him much respect. Surekha gets puzzled as Titu did not tell her about his plan. Titu plans to convince Govind for not sending him for work, knowing Govind will obey only his dad. Will Titu succeed in taking a word from Govind in his favor by this Dada ji’s acting drama?


Sooraj’s lie has come infront of Pari. Pari has seen Mohit’s passport and caught his lie that he was not in UK since 6 years. She comes to know that Sooraj has been talking to her over phone by Mohit’s name. Pari gets annoyed with Mohit by knowing the truth that he left Emily and her to become a Sanyasi, to avoid his duties towards them. Bhabho cries realizing Mohit did big mistake to hurt Pari’s emotions. Sooraj and Sandhya are also upset over Vansh’s matter. They see Bhabho very upset and does not tell her about Vansh being in Ved’s school, and how they have met their son. Sooraj hides about the restraining order and his pain, seeing the family already upset with Mohit.

Shastri Sisters:

Kajal tells Sareens that she will leave their home as no one accepted her whole heartedly, and starts walking out with her bags. Minty gets stunned thinking Kajal can be in her control if she stays here. She stops Kajal asking her to stay back, being part of family now. Devyaani stays sad and Astha comes to apologize to her for her wrong doings. Anu goes to meet Devyaani, and see Alka and Rohan leaving home and going back to stay with Astha. Alka tells Anu that they have forgiven Astha. Minty takes Kajal on her side and starts planning against Anu. Kajal wins her heart by showing she can do anything for her. Kajal hides her intentions to ruling over Sareen family and getting all property.

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Service Wali Bahu:

Payal and Dev finally got married after some breaks. Payal comes to know that Dev does not do any job, and he is just a student. She feels cheated and knows he does not take any stand of his own and is just puppet for his family. Payal’s family comes to know about Dev’s no job truth and gets angry. Dev convinces Payal asking her to give him a chance. Payal tells him that she will show the result of cheating her and marrying earning girl for her salary, which is indirect dowry. She says she will not leave Dev and his family, and they will regret to make her bahu.


Naitik and Akshara will be back in India soon, looking for Naksh. Naksh imagines getting a happy see-off by them, when he is going to India with Sanju. Naksh gets glad seeing Naitik and Akshara, and hugs them. He touches Naitik’s feet and cries as he is going away from them. He calls Naitik as Papa, ending his annoyance. While Bhabhimaa is happy seeing Naksh back, Naitik’s reaction will not be same. Naitik comes to know from family that Naksh has reached in Singhania house and feels maybe his step can end everyone’s annoyance. Akshara convinces Naitik to take her back and they get some positive hope in their hearts.


Ritika get serious concerns of Ishani being alive and visits the jail to inquire the same. The jail in-charge informs that Ishani is alive and has left the jail. After coming to know of that revelation, Ritika as expected goes to RV with two things in her mind – whether to say the truth of Ishani being alive or to make up some story about Ishani and lie. What will be Ritika’s decision – selfish or selfless, and the former seems to be the obvious?

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Ashoka faces unethical stiff challenge from Sushsim in Pataliputra’s biggest competition to decide the great warrior and the winner gets Chandragupt’s sword. Sushim pushes Ashoka to fall into a dig with force and shrewdness so he can lead and win the race by defeating Ashoka. Ashoka with his determination manages to come out of the dig during the race, and his mom’s prayers helps him. The competition is set-up with different rounds phased out one after another and winning in one leads to participation in next. The eventual winner with title of great Warrior needs to remained undefeated in all challenges. Chanakya is organizing the competition but Ashoka is demoraled by Sushim’s sympathizers. On another front, Justin faces to choose between throne or his relationship/love for Bindusara’s wife Noor. He is in a fix since his mom Helena is planning a ploy which has his marriage with Raj’s niece Agni. Helena wants the throne at any cost. Who will be the great warrior of Magadh ? What will be Justin’s final take on his marriage ?

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Dadi and Nani get together for celebrating the Bengali New Year. Shekhar’s mum did not think Sharmishta’s mum will come, but Swara gets her family there. Swara makes a plan with Ragini and Lakshya to unite Dadi and Nani and then they can make Shekhar and Sharmishta marry with elder’s permission and happiness. Dadi and Nani do the rituals with purity, and Nani sings the aarti. The twist will be Nani and Dadi uniting, and ending their enmity

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