Minty joins hands with Kajal against Shastri Sisters


shastri sisters

Anu finds Kajal changed after the marriage and tells Rajat about notice some weirdness in Kajal. Rajat tells her that she can make everything fine and asks her not to be mistaken in high stress. Kajal is glad to marry in a rich home and enjoys all luxuries. Sareen feels its been unjust with Kajal and argues with Minty. They have a heated argument, which Kajal enjoys. She acts sweet and tells Neil that she slept on the ground, not on the bed, seeing how uncomfortable he slept on the sofa. She tries to win his heart and he walks out.


Kajal starts acting and tells the family that she got enough love from them, and now if she is becoming a reason for their family breakup, then she would sacrifice her happiness and leave the house. Minty gets stunned thinking Kajal can be in her control if she stays here. She stops Kajal asking her to stay back, being part of family now. Devyaani stays sad and Astha comes to apologize to her for her wrong doings. Anu goes to meet Devyaani, and see Alka and Rohan leaving home and going back to stay with Astha. Alka tells Anu that they have forgiven Astha. Minty takes Kajal on her side and starts planning against Anu. Kajal wins her heart by showing she can do anything for her. Kajal hides her intentions to ruling over Sareen family and getting all property. Will Minty realize Kajal’s truth in time? Keep reading.



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