Raman makes Ishita leave Bhalla house in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Raman and Ishita have some romantic moments. He sings Main Tenu Samjhawan… to show his love to her, and expresses it infront of everyone. They rock in the reunion party, while Ishita turned down Subbu’s offer to take her along to the party. Subbu gets irked seeing them getting romantic and misses the old togetherness. Everyone compliment Ishita to have the best husband. On the other hand, Rinki has come to stay in Bhalla House being annoyed with Mihir and Mihika’s past. She gets irked seeing them together always and feels insecure in her marriage. Raman and Ishita come home and see the family worried for Rinki. Tension builds up between the couple again, and they try to explain Rinki about Mihir’s loyalties and how he has moved on in life. Mihir feels guilty to misunderstand Mihika and how she is suffering because of Ashok. Rinki thinks she came between them and does not wish to stay with Mihir anymore.

Mihika also explains Rinki to make her marriage strong with trust and love. Rinki scolds Mihika and blames her to break her marriage. Raman gets angry on Rinki for her cheap mindset and shows his trust on Mihir and Mihika. He also blames Ishita for making Mihir marry Rinki and asks her to leave Bhalla house. Ishita heads to Iyers and tells how Raman punished her for her small mistake, when she was just making Rinki’s life better. Subbu reaches there and is stunned seeing Ishita crying, and Raman’s perfect husband image breaks in his eyes. Subbu thinks to comfort Ishita in this tough time and hopes to get her back in his life. Will Raman set Rinki’s life right? Keep reading.


  1. subbu is a cheap guy..he left her at the toughest moment in her life…broke and crushed her heart when he was her boyfriend of 10 years..dumped her bad cuz she can’t become mother…Now that Subbu’s wife is dead and has a child, he wants Ishita back!!

    As for Raman, I dun blame him..Ishita is overly involved in other ppl’s personal life…If I was Rinki, I’d ask them to back off and probably stay at my parents house to avert the problem..Rinki is a young girl so she needs her space..it isn’t necessary that she’ll try to sort things out..it’s her choice actually..

    • I totally agree with you! I mean Subbu is being unfair! And all that Raman is trying to do is show Ishita not to butt into other peoples lives! And yes Rinki needs her space!!

  2. Subbu U shud be shot dead..how dare u force yourself into Ishita’s n Raman life. U are lucky Raman is so understanding of how u are going thru your lost n he makes ishita understand your pain. Now is the time for u to do something good for Ishita after all wat u did to her life .
    Raman no more sympathies for all the crooks of YHM. Regardless hugs or gals esp Shagun restrict her from entering the Bhalla n Iyer house . She can visit Adi downstairs at the playground. Adi wakeup kid the witch is making use of u again kid.


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