Shlok reminds Astha their strong bond of love in Iss Pyaar…


astha shlok

While Indrajeet is using Astha’s fragile mental state and cooking up fast stories to make her believe their marriage, his evilness will soon end as Shlok finds some unique ways to remind Astha their love and marriage. Shlok counts on the best memories they have since their courtship and then their marriage days, what all they faced and how Astha will try to connect with them.


Shlok tries to spend time with Astha, getting her away from Indrajeet where the chawl people can help him in making Astha realize their strong love. Meanwhile, Astha starts getting flashes of her past, where she recalls some high intensified moments of togetherness with Shlok. She feels Shlok’s love is true and starts getting in his words. Will Shlok’s efforts pay off or will Indrajeet make bigger plan to separate the lovers? Keep reading.


  1. comon fast aastha memory back .once aastha memory back.shlok you kill indrajit sarkar. because all fans of EBP hate that person soo much


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