Astha’s fragile state to analyze Shlok’s pure love in Iss Pyaar…



Shlok teams up with his doctor friend Surbhi and does an act to fool Indrajeet. Surbhi acts and scolds Shlok asking him to get lost from the hospital and not come near Astha again. They put up this act to win Indrajeet’s trust. Indrajeet falls in Surbhi’s trap seeing how she kicked out Shlok from the hospital. He decides to make Astha get treated under her supervision, while Shlok plans to take Surbhi’s help to revive Astha’s complete memory by step by step process. Surbhi tells Shlok that their one wrong step can make it risky for Astha’s life.


Shlok tells her that he will patiently try to get Astha’s memory, and if it can affect her life, then he can go to the extent of sacrificing his love and get away from her. He worries for Astha as Indrajeet is using her against his revenge towards Agnihotris and thinks to free her from Indrajeet’s evil clutches. Indrajeet does not love Astha as its shown how he uses her fears to make her hate Shlok, not caring about her life and fragile mental state, thus giving her lots of stress to keep her in his clever lies trap. Shlok proves himself to be a real lover and shows ultimate concern for Astha’s health and well being. He gets support from the chawl people and also involves Indrajeet’s children in his plan. Will Shlok be able to fail Indrajeet in his moves? Keep reading.


  1. Arey how many times Indrajeet will win…..Now kalindi also supporting indrajeet……Pls change the track as bahut pakao hogaya hai…………Too much too boring……………..Astha and shlok looks a good pair together not indrajeet and sapna


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