Piyali hires Radhika in Birdsong to cover up Samaira’s mistake; Arjun shares his manmarzian



Radhika reaches Birdsong along with Dada ji and Dilip. She enquires about Samaira and comes to know Samaira has resigned. Samrat confronts Samaira about her next move and Samaira tells him that she has quit Birdsong and will find new opportunities elsewhere to prove her capabilities. She tells him how Piyali still holds her responsible for Jai’s death and she can’t work with her, seeing the blame flashing in her eyes every moment. Samrat lets Samaira go off, and supports her. He gets angry on Piyali for not being a concerned mother for Samaira. Radhika gets to know about Dada ji’s put up to make Ankush act about the fake job offering call from Samaira’s behalf and gets angry. She sees her dreams breaking, and recalls Samaira’s words when she asked her to come to Mumbai and get a job in her ad agency.

Dilip goes to confront Samaira and Piyali on the job offer call, which clears the misunderstanding. Samaira tells how she just asked Radhika to come Mumbai, and she did not mean it. Dilip gets raged and scolds the Mumbai people for not caring for other’s emotions. Samaira realizes her mistake and apologizes to Radhika. Radhika gets depressed and starts leaving from Birdsong, thinking to go back to Rishikesh and marry Saral. Piyali covers up Samaira’s mistake for her reputation and hires Radhika in Samaira’s place, to teach a lesson to Samaira and also knowing that Radhika is talented, which she proved by giving an instant hit and original tagline earlier in Rishikesh. Radhika gets a chance to prove her talent and starts working in Birdsong to achieve her dreams and also prove herself and her unique identity. With Arjun influencing Samaira, how will she make it big without Birdsong? Keep reading.

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Radhika lands a job in BirdSong
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