Sooraj takes a step ahead towards his dream hotel ‘Vedansh’ in Diya Aur…




Sooraj is opening doors for his new dreams of a big hotel. The twist comes as Sooraj is selling off his Rathi sweet shop. This saddens Bhabho and Babasa, who have many memories from the shop. Babasa is worried for Sooraj to take a big risk. Bhabho is positive and stands to support Sooraj. Everyone get worried seeing Sooraj’s sweet shop nameboard getting removed and cry.

Babasa feels Sooraj should keep working in his shop and worries to lose everything if Sooraj fails in his big step. Sooraj takes Ved’s drawing and tells Ved that he will make it true. Sooraj shows the hotel drawing to everyone and says he has chosen a name for the hotel ‘Vedansh’ by clubbing his sons’ names – Ved and Vansh. Bhabho blesses Sooraj and Sandhya too becomes his supportive strength. How will Sooraj cross difficult way to reach his dreams? Keep reading.

Sooraj aspires towards his dream hotel, but challenges too come along
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