RV’s love for Ishani flipflops to hate, and gave his word to Ritika: Proving Ishani doesn’t matter


Ishani and RV

Ishani decides to stay back at Shikhar’s home and regards him an angel. She wants to work in the NGO to give meaning to her life and makes Baa proud of her. Ishani regards Shikhar’s mom Kanchal as her mom and for instilling some happiness in Shikhar’s life she listens to her on agreeing for the marriage with him. Ishani also wants to see RV move on with Ritika. Having said about Ishani, RV at his end hates Ishani after her truth of being alive comes to his knowledge. He carries the believe that Ishani has selfish, evil motive and his feelings for her died at the moment he saw her. He informs Ritika on ‘proving’ to her that Ishani’s presence doesn’t matter to him, and moreover Ishani is just a name.


Later on, RV convinces Ritika to attend Shikhar’s parents marriage anniversary where he also encounters Ishani and Shikhar doing prayers together. Shikhar at his end doesn’t know much about Ishani’s past with RV and thinks she got pain from him. With RV’s entry, Ishani and Shikhar get uncomfortable. But on the other hand RV tries to show his hate to Ishani on his face and doesn’t bother much about Shikhar. In essence, he presents there on how much he is upset with Ishani and his hate.

Coming back to Ishani’s marriage. Kanchal decides to have Shikhar-Ishani’s marriage on the same day as that of Derwash-Krisha. She carries glee and happiness to announce the same. Shikhar is glad with the marriage news since he wants to see Ishani happy with him and they both care to instill happiness in each other.

While elements of love, hate, respect, searching for meaning, sacrifice, happiness playing out, but still the matter of Falguni’s death is unsolved. RV had thought of Nirupa to be the killer who pushed Falguni to death from terrace after finding the anklet. But with Ishani proved as Nirupa, his doubts no longer exists anymore. So, the question of ‘who has done it (murder)’ should be in RV’s mind and since Ishani is ruled out, then the suspicion can shift to the other person very close to him. This also connects with the earlier event of Chirag’s murder. Will RV come to realize the real culprit behind Chirag and Falguni’s murder, and how his present ‘actions’ connect with it ?


  1. I don’t like to watch meri aashiqui tumse hi becoz EKTA KAPOOR separated RV AND ISHAANI so I don’t like to watch meri aashiqui tumse hi…we all want to see RV AND ISHAANI TOGETHER becoz they look cute together…without RV AND ISHAANI serial is soooo boring EKTA KAPOOR


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