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Median zing spoilers


Shikhar & Ishani’s marriage preparations are underway. Ishani listened to Baa and also her decision is because she wants to see RV move on with Ritika. Shikhar’s mom Kanchal is happy and wants to see Shikhar and Krisha’s marriage on the same day. Shikhar is glad but Ishani feels bit uncomfortable inside. RV is agitated and upset with Ishani’s decision and his love for her flipflops to hate. He comes to Shikhar’s home and finds Ishani and Shikhar doing prayers together. RV thinks Ishani is selfish and even she is marrying Shikhar for financial reasons and wants to save Shikhar from her. However, Shikhar at his end want his marriage preparations to go on smoothly.

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Mrs. Bhalla shows displeasure to see Subbu’s efforts to reach Ishita, and also him coming often to her home. She tells Ishita not to gel with Subbu much. And this makes Ishita to take a stand and makes a request to Subbu to not come at Bhalla’s home often or better if he doesn’t come at all. Subbu feels bad with Ishita’s words but still wants to shoulder support for Simmi and her child Ananya in the context of custody.

Service Wali Bahu:

Payal faces some challenges from own sister-in law Gulkand at her home. Gulkand vents out her anger and frustation on Payal when she comes back from her home. Gulkand even burns down a saree of Payal to show her upper hand. Payal is quiet and doesn’t know how to react in that situation.


Mansi compels Ahem to come close to her by fasting. Ahem brings her to Urmi’s house in the chawl where he is staying. He tries to bring smile on her face by making her eat food with his hands to break the fast. Gopi gets heartbroken to see Ahem showering care to Mansi and cries. Gopi had earlier challenge Mansi on taking back Ahem from her. At that time, Gopi reminded Mansi that she couldn’t take Ahem for the last 10 years. Kokila is also upset with Mansi’s presence around and she knows Mansi thinks with mind instead of heart.


Parvati plans to harm Sharmishta (Sumi) by putting an inflammable liquid in Havan’s prayer pious fire set-up. She wants to see Sumi facing the brunt the same night and her eyes show the amount of hatred. On other front, Ragini supports Swara in her endeavor to fight her dadi Parvati, and even learnt of her Dadi’s lies about Laksh. Ragini is heartbroken with Laksh’s honest confession of not wanting to marry her. Also, Parvati has succeeded in evading her plans from Dida. Will the trio – Swara, Ragini, and Lucky’s efforts to stop Parvati’s ploy bear fruit, and how about saving Sumi (if possible) from the lurking dangers in the nick of time ?

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The bhardwaj family are facing troubles from two sides – Rai Bahadur’s revenge & Manorjan Mausi, and they are helped by Maya, who is now positive. Manoranjan Mausi also took control over Bhardwaj family property and also compels Mata ji to bow down to her. Mausi ji brings alcohol and tries to take it to the temple area thereby impuring the place. All the family members become the shield so as to stop it. On another front, with Siddhant (Aryan’s entry) creates more troubles for Simar & her family. He tries to attack Prem but stops several times, and even his mom intervenes so to stop him. How Simar alongwith Roli going to tackle Rai Bahadur & Mausi ji in getting back their property and Mata ji’s respect ?


Akshara & Naitik get heartbroken with bhabhimaa’s reluctance to forgive her. They decide to head back to Cape Town and Akshara does prayers first and then seeks blessings of elders, her in-laws Devyaani and naitik’s dad. Akshara cries much in that departing scene but Bhabhimaa is undeterred and carries no emotions whatsoever. Akshara looks back at her home before going and asks to herself whether they are really going back. Naksh wakes up and learns about his parents departure and tries to stop but finally lets them go. Naksh decides to not leave Singhania’s home. Akshara & Naitik head to the airport but in a turn of events they are going to return to Singhania’s family.

Jamai Raja:

Sid continues to hold on to his feelings for Roshni after the divorce but still carries on the responsbilities of a Jamai well. He works with her dad in tandem with the intention to bring Roshni close to her dad. He knows in this way happiness will be coming back to his in-laws family. Roshni comes to know the truth of her dad and also how Sid worked with her dad in order to re-unite them.

Qubool Hai:

Misbah, new Sanam and Jannat’s airport sequence is underway. Aahil and Sanam get in eye contact with each other at the footwear shop of the airport but he couldn’t recognize her since she is in a veil (burqa). Misbah replaces shoes from new Sanam’s belongings, and has some plans in her mind.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Mantu brings Jaz to Master Barfi, ladies tailor for her suit measurements. Amaya also came with Jaz and it turns out that Master Barfi gets in awe of Amaya and takes her measurement instead of Jaz. He doesn’t stop there and again commits a mistake in preparing the suit of Uma as he was remembering Amaya. Mantu’s love story with Amaya is beginning to take shape and further steps.

Satrangi Sasural:

Aarushi and Vihaan are celebrating their Suhaagraat night late after overcoming many challenges and obstacles. It happened after a long time but nonetheless they want to celebrate it in the best possible way. Vihaan holds Aarushi in his arms to shower love and they share more romantic moments in that special night.


Neil & Ragini came together and even he has broken off the engagement with Nivedita. What follows after is spending time together because of love which remained in hibernation for so many years. For instance, going on date while evading children, so forth. Earlier, Pam is upset with Neil calling off engagement with Nivedita and holds Ragini responsible for the same. While Ragini has the support of Aman to whom she listens and on the other hand Neil has good support from Ram. But, Pam alongwith Nivedita are in no mood to give up, and she is even not hesitant to not leverage the children’s angle – Ranbir, Suhani, and Agam to compel Neil for a compromise. Later on, Pam changes her approach and arranges the birthday party for Ragini but plans to do something there. The question that continue to remain: Will Neil’s words of returning back love, children, wife status to Ragini come true, and whether he succeeds to marry Ragini by crossing all the hurdles?


Both LD and Radha are putting efforts to saveguard their family with Radha’s efforts to expose Jayshree and stop the partition, and on the other hand LD puts effort to bring his elder brother Murli back on track. He wants to see Murli giving respect and love to Shyamali, and presumably confided with Neha on that matter. Amidst this, Radha knows LD loves her which he does but he again tries to show being upset to keep distance from her. His love for Radha is exhibited as he is jealous with Radha & Kabeer’s bonding and camaraderie. Will Radha succeed in reaching his heart after reconciling on their previous separation ?


Kabir is battling image crisis even after he pushed his channel to reach top 2 slot. He thinks the truth is not as it appears and thus doubts a student who has accused her prof. of sexual harassment. Ananya thinks Kabir has a point after she found Manav working in tandem with rival channel to malign Kabir’s image in public. She then decides to unravel the truth after meeting the prof., and she follows that path because of her own story: Her dad took his own life after media & others accused him on doing wrong. Kabir has his own believe on the case and recollects how his mentor pandit ji continues to bat for the truth at his former workplace – Daily kranti newspaper. While Manav has swayed a NGO worker in his trap but Ananya sticks to her intuition. All she wants is that Kabir’s image is not maligned due to unscrupulous people while giving most importance to the actual truth.


  1. what d hell is happening in MATSH? Is rv gone mad? he has to find the truth behind ishani’s rudeness instead marrying ritika.. because of ritika rv and ishani separated… i hate ritika’s character…

  2. kumkum bhagya me yeh kya dikha rahe hai is tanu really pragnant ya acting kar rahe hai? agar ho acting hi kar rahe hai toh abortion kyun karna chahti hai? agar woh sach me pragnant hai toh abhi aur pragya ko kya hoga woh donon toh lead hai na.what is going to happen? please iske bhare me kumkum bhagya ki spoiler update dijiye please.


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