Divorce, custody and marriage drama reloop in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Ishita receives a school circular about Singapore trip and she gets surprised as she is not informed about it formally. Ishita goes to kids’ school to talk about the foreign trip organized for kids by the school. Vandu sees her and goes to Ishita. She slips losing balance and falls down. She screams in pain being worried for her baby. The ladies run to Vandu to take care of her. Ishita does not tally the matter with the teachers and takes Vandu to hospital. She worries for Vandu’s baby. Shagun has planned this foreign trip for kids to snatch them from Ishita. On the other hand, Subbu and Parmeet have a fight in Bhalla house over Simmi. Parmeet speaks ill about Simmi’s character and taunts her about having an affair with Subbu. Mr. Bhalla ask Romi not to beat Parmeet, but Subbu does not stop himself from beating him.

Simmi cries by Parmeet’s scary warnings. Parmeet says he will take his daughter and leave. Subbu comes in between and protects Simmi and Ananya. Subbu may marry Simmi in the next track for Ananya’s sake. Simmi and Ishita get worried seeing them fight. Mrs. Bhalla finds Subbu protecting Simmi and thinks to get her married with Subbu, being impressed by Subbu’s action act. Will Simmi and Subbu get married for Ananya’s custody, after Simmi seeks divorce from Parmeet? Keep reading.



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