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Balika Vadhu:

Nimboli happily dances and does Ghumar in Kamli’s sangeet. She sees Gopal and identifies him, when he is dressed as a woman. She gets glad that she can save Kamli and tells her that Gopal has come. She passes the message while singing and dancing. Kamli faints in the sangeet and everyone worry for her. Nimboli makes Kamli and Gopal elope. They rush out and try to elope, and get tensed seeing Harki looking for them.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi has become a detective and following his wife Pragya, to know her intentions and what is she hiding from him. He hides from her sight and follows her to the market. Pragya tells him that she came for shopping and does something else. He tries to know what is she upto and is worried for her changed behavior. Pragya wants to make herself kicked out of home and give her place to Tanu. Pragya gets slapped by Dadi and helps Akash in his marriage. Pragya senses Abhi is around her. How will Abhi bring out the truth and end Tanu’s lies?


Naitik and Akshara came back in Singhania House just for Naira. Devyaani does their aarti and welcomes them home, hoping they will not leave again. Naksh knows they have strong roots here and everyone is hiding some big problem. Bhabhimaa stays annoyed with Akshara. Naira pulls Naksh’s leg and makes him work hard to serve her food, and take care of her, as Naksh lied of her double fracture. Naira enjoys making Naksh work around her. Akshara and Bhabhimaa also come close to take care of Naira. Naksh makes a plan and gathers everyone to have evening tea together. Bhabhimaa does not drink the tea knowing Akshara made it, and Naksh makes her have it. Akshara goes to cook in kitchen and Bhabhimaa warns her not to become a part of family,and kicks her out of kitchen. Akshara hides the reason from Naksh.


Sooraj meets Anita in the lift and she shares her problems with her. He gets an idea to her, and asks her to cut the reason of stress and all problems will not uneffective. Sooraj gets friendly with her and does not know she is the owner of kabaddi team. Sooraj is worried for Aryan’s state post accident and he will be helping Anita by playing on Aryan’s behalf. Aditi starts falling for Sooraj and finds many thing common between them, except her rich background. Aditi will be shown making a love triangle in the show in next track.


Subbu and Parmeet have a fight in Bhalla house over Simmi. Parmeet speaks ill about Simmi’s character and taunts her about having an affair with Subbu. Mr. Bhalla ask Romi not to beat Parmeet, but Subbu does not stop himself from beating him. Simmi cries by Parmeet’s scary warnings. Parmeet says he will take his daughter and leave. Subbu comes in between and protects Simmi and Ananya. Subbu may marry Simmi in the next track for Ananya’s sake. Simmi and Ishita get worried seeing them fight. Mrs. Bhalla finds Subbu protecting Simmi and thinks to get her married with Subbu, being impressed by Subbu’s action act.

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Pratima shares her worry about the business with Suhani. Suhani tells her that she doubts on Saxena. Suhani becomes a spy to nab Saxena, who is fooling the Birlas and making big loss for them. Suhani goes with Murali and even Yuvraaj follows Suhani. The trio keep an eye on Saxena and catch him red handed. Yuvraaj gets thankful to Suhani for exposing Saxena. Suhani calls the entire family there and shows Saxena’s truth. Dadi slaps Saxena for the cheat and scolds him. Saurabh calls police to get Saxena arrested.

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Chakor has done a noble deed by uniting a mother and daughter, and ending Bhagya’s bonded life. She has united her with Tejaswini. She won in the running race and also cleared the exam to prove that she is not a liar and cheater. She feels guilty to break the promise given to Bhaiya ji and tells the principal that she will not study in school now. Tejaswini confronts Bhaiya ji for his big deceive to make his own daughter a Bandhua and making her live a secluded life for 18 years. Tejaswini scolds Bhaiya ji and leaves supporting him. Bhaiya ji gets raged on Chakor for bringing Devi Maa Bhagya and uniting with Tejaswini. He asks Manohar to take away Chakor from his sight and do anything to send her off. He gets another shock seeing Baa our of coma.

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Gopi warns Mansi to be away from Ahem. Mansi uses all her charm to get close to Ahem and makes use of his emotions and past wounds. Mansi and Gopi have a challenge to win Ahem’s love. Mansi gets an old trunk and finds Gopi’s memories and pictures in it. She sees her daughter’s pictures of their childhood and also sees Radha’s pic. Gopi hides the trunk as she has a secret in it, and does not wish to recall what happened ten years ago. Gopi recalls Radha and cries holding her memories. She does not want her daughters to know about it. Mansi comes to clean the room and gets the trunk to get Gopi’s secrets out. Kokila knows the truth will come out and she is sure Mansi will be kicked out from their home.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi has managed to hide the lies from her dad and Samar too helped her by arranging a short talk with Ayesha. Karthik comes to know of Laxmi’s lie and confronts her. Laxmi cries and apologizes to him. Samar defends Laxmi and asks Karthik to give her a chance to participate in Dream Girl contest, and all her lies will be turning true. Laxmi does know Raj is actually Samar Sareen and shares her dreams with her. Samar starts falling in love with her, and goes to propose her, only to see her dreams are of highest priority to her than him. She gets glad to be chosen as one of the finalists. What will be Laxmi’s reaction to know Raj Samosewala is Samar Sareen?


Ishani has agreed to her marriage with Shikhar and informs the same to him with the backdrop of prayers, and RV & Ritika’s presence around her. RV had earlier tried to suggest to Shikhar as a friend that Ishani doesn’t value love and will leave him because of money. But Shikhar spoke of trust and knows its importance. With Shikhar not heeding to his arguments, RV moves on to trouble and influence her while showing his hate so that she doesn’t agree to marriage with Shikhar. RV fails to succeed since Ishani values Shikhar a lot and also Kanchal and Baa’s words are of value to her. She goes ahead to inform Shikhar on being ready to marry him and carries many emotions. RV learns Ishani not succumbing and his hate takes another form that of jealousy. He proposes to Ritika on his knees there on going to re-marry her. Moreover, further adds that their marriage will be on the same day as that of Ishani-Shikhar. While RV’s hate and jealousy are evident but on the other hand Ritika gets happy with his announcement since she wanted to have a proper marriage. RV had informed Ritika earlier on proving Ishani doesn’t matter to him. So, whether his current tit for tat behavior is a jealousy-driven response for Ishani, or there is something more.

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Gunjan is disturbed seeing Deepu becoming everyone’s happiness and reviving Ranvi’s dream to have a child. She gets angry and asks Ranvi to send Deepu to her home. Everyone is puzzled by her behavior. Manjeet asks Geet to woo Baldev and asks her to be around him, so that he forgets Veera and marries her. Baldev respects Geet as his Bhabhi, and does not know Manjeet’s plans. Bansuri is sure he will reject Geet himself and Manjeet will fail to convince him. Manjeet tries to break Baldev and Veera’s relation and forces Geet to marry him. Geet is simple, homely and obedient woman and does not have any such intention. Manjeet wants to use her widow bahu Geet and get Baldev’s property. Manjeet beats up Geet and scares her asking her to obey her saying. Gunjan hears her evil plan and scolds Manjeet. Will Veera be able to stop Manjeet from this evil doings?


Shlok makes the kids leave on some trip and makes her leave home. Astha goes out to give the Id cards to kids, without which they can’t go on their trip. Astha leaves in the car and tries tracing the bus which has gone much ahead. She reaches some jungle type place. Her car breaks down and Shlok comes there in his heroic look. He shows his richness, and attitude. Astha scolds her to be responsible for this, and he scolds her back, saying he is not interested in her. They argue and she has no option but to take lift from him, to give ID cards to kids. She spends time with him, as they both get stuck in jungle as before.

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After Parvati Dadi’s plotting and evil plans failure, Swara & Ragini’s parents Shekhar & Sharmishta (Sumi) are married and successfully re-united. Next, Ragini learnt about Laksh not willing to marry her but she keeps hope since he was her first love. Swara prepares to help her sister without knowing that Laksh actually likes her. Nevertheless, the truth when it unravels itself is going to test the sister’s bonding and relationship. On another front, Sumi prepares to find acceptance from Parvati and Dada ji but knows she needs to face more challenges. She decides to leave her work to take care of family. Swara & Ragini want to be the shield for all the problems that their mum Sumi going to face, and vows to put efforts to make sure their family and happier times don’t leave them. Back to Laksh, he likes Swara and is good friend with both of them. He is hesitant, shy to express what’s inside in his heart. Will he able to clear out Swara’s initial doubts on him starting to like Ragini ?

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Shastri Sisters:

Kajal is worried because of her pregnancy and does not know how to hide it from everyone. She tries to fill Minty’s ears against Rajat, but fails to do so. Minty blames Anu to be responsible and says Rajat has rectified his mistake by freeing Neil. Kajal tries to get intimate with Neil, to prove he is the father of her child. Neil is worried for Devyaani and falls in guilt. He does not let Kajal get close and leaves from home. Anu gets the pregnancy report and asks Kajal about it. Kajal says its her friend’s pregnancy report and hides from her. Devyaani loses confidence to face her friends, and wants to hide the scar on her cheek. She tells Alka to send her friends, and she will not meet anyone now. Everyone worry seeing Devyaani lock herself at home.

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dylan has seen talent in Debjani/Dabbu and gives her a task to cover the riots, by making it a sudden opportunity for her. Dabbu does not get scared of the riots, and covers the riots by recording bravely. She also saves a little kid and shows humanity to wounded people. Dylan gets to know about the increased risk there and reaches the place to save her. He stops the goons from hurting Dabbu and beats them. He takes Dabbu and they hide, to let the situation come in control by police. Dabbu and Dylan come close by this moment. Dabbu feels there is more to know about Dylan. Dylan’s mum gets glad seeing Dabbu and knows Dylan started feeling for her.


Dada ji have pronounced Kabir guilty with Sumeet’s claims of him running away to London with stolen jewellery. Also, Nisha’s contract marriage truth of 3 months came in front of Dada ji. Dada ji gets disillusioned and at the same time expects that if the truth is: kabir is guilty then he will face the punishment and arrest. Sumeet framed Sourabh too in the jewellery trap and also exploits Sourabh’s weakness: feelings of love for Dolly. Viraj is also a part of Sumeet and his mom Leela’s ploy with the warehouse land in his name though he isn’t aware of Sumeet’s full plan. Therefore, Nisha & Kabir confront Viraj which erupts in a fight. Viraj continues to be mistaken that Nisha loves him and regards Kabir as a cheat and the fight ensued henceforth. Dada ji has failed to identify Nisha’s contract marriage truth before. For this time, either he wants to see eventually the actual truth to prevail, or to give a long rope to Sumeet while understanding well about his trickery just to expose him fully in some time. Nevertheless, in this challenging time, Will Nisha’s love & support for Kabir find more meaning, and as a result both coming more closer than never before ?


  1. I just love kabir n nisha ..hope they get more n more close ….hope this crap summit get caught n sourabh n dolly get married….. I love u kabirrrrrr……more nauc spoiler plzzzz

  2. please give an update for jodha Akbar, what is going on? and more on kumkum bhagya, is Tanu lying about her pregnancy? but she been going to the doctors and stuff? we hear her talking to the docs as well as herself? please clear the confusion.


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