Shlok and Astha’s romance revival in Iss Pyaar…


iss pyaar4

Shlok makes the kids leave on school trip and makes her leave home. Astha goes out to give the Id cards to kids, without which they can’t go on their trip. Astha leaves in the car and tries tracing the bus which has gone much ahead. She reaches some jungle type place. Her car breaks down and Shlok comes there in his heroic look. He shows his richness, and attitude. Astha scolds her to be responsible for this, and he scolds her back, saying he is not interested in her. They argue and she has no option but to take lift from him, to give ID cards to kids. She spends time with him, as they both get stuck in jungle as before. She enters the prohibited area in jungle and gets lost.

Shlok looks for her, and helps her out. He hopes to make her recall the old golden jungle moments between them, which can make her hatred turn into love. Will this bring them closer and revive the old moments for Astha? Shlok gets glad as she takes his name recalling few things and she thinks how is he related to her in such strong way, that when he is keeping himself away from her, even then she is not able to control herself from thinking about him.




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