Ranvir and Ishani’s fad love fades in Meri Aashiqui…


meri aashiqui51


Ranvir gets jealous seeing Ishani and Shikhar together. Their marriage got fixed and RV can’t bear to see her with Ishani. He loves Ishani since childhood and can’t see her with anyone else. He does not wish to marry Ritika, but just tells it infront of Ishani. Shikha’s family keeps a function at home and plays Dhol. Everyone happily dances. Shikhar holds Ishani and dances with her. RV gets upset seeing them. Later on, Ishani goes to RV’s house and RV and Ritika’s family pic breaks.

Ishani comes to RV to confront him on why he has beaten Devarsh. She wants to ask him whats the reason of his nonsense steps. Ritika gets angry seeing the pic frame broken and starts taunting her for breaking her family. RV looks at their arguments. RV plans to break Ishani’s marriage by proving to Shikhar that she still loves him. He fails to prove it, and instead falls in his own trap as Ritika witness RV and Ishani’s kissing moment. What will be Ritika’s stand after this? Will RV succeed to stop Ishani and Shikhar’s marriage? Keep reading.


  1. I realy lykd hs face wen he heard ishani agreeing 4 marriage…plz writers let ishani knw dat da truth abt ritika…


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