Rudra to save Amrit amidst poison outburst in Mahakumbh



Rudra succeeds in saving Maya’s life and sends her away from Mahakumbh, till everything gets fine. Maya cries and does not wish to be apart. She leaves the Kumbh on Rudra’s insistence. Tiwari informs Rudra about the big danger on Kumbh, as many devotees are falling ill and they try to find the reason. Rudra finds out the poison mixed in Ganga, which made the Ganga water turned black and impure. Tiwari arranges medical staff for the needy. Rudra asks Tiwari not to let anyone step in Ganga.

Rudra hears about Amrit coming out amidst the poison. Rudra evaporates the water to make the poison disappear. The vapors forms a dense black cloud over Mahakumbh, which holds the poisons. Bhairavi tells Rudra that if the cloud bursts, then the rain will drop poison all over the Mahakumbh. Rudra gets tensed and seeks Shivanand’s help to save Mahakumbh and get Amrit. Will Rudra be able to save Amrit from the Naag clan? Keep reading.


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