Ishita’s love confession for Raman turns unique in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Iyer and Bhalla family go for a dinner in a restaurant to celebrate Simmi and Subbu’s agreeing for the marriage. They are happy that Simmi is finally getting divorce and they will get rid of Parmeet. Ishita plans to expose Parmeet’s wrong doings in cheating Ashok and taking funds from him. Raman does not attend the dinner and instead comes home. Simmi teases Ishita, seeing her miss Raman a lot. While Ishita got back on her feet and big adieu to her plaster, Raman gets glad to see her. Raman gets locked in the cupboard and he plans to surprise Ishita. Raman tells Ishita to come along and he will explain how he got locked inside. Simmi pushes her and locks her along with him in the cupboard.

Raman and Ishita spend some romantic time inside the cupboard. He apologizes to her for making her wait so long and she shouts out to him that she loves him. She says I love you Raman and he asks her to repeat it. Simmi gets glad hearing it standing outside and tells the family that Raman and Ishita are on right track now. The Bhalla family tries to hear their romance and her sweet confession. Simmi supports Raman in his plan and is happy to do something for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla dances seeing Raman and Ishita happy. Ishita tells about Simmi and Subbu’s matter to Raman and wants him to talk to Subbu and Sujata once. Raman gives his nod for Subbu. With Karan Patel back in the show, next tracks will be on Subbu and Simmi, and Mihika and ACP Abhishek. Keep reading.


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